Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- New or old? Purple, white, pink, or red?

Those colors, purple, white, pink, or red?
What do they have in common?
Why do I include white?
(The plants are in our side yard.)

This is our first azalea bud for the year.
I am not sure what color it is, I call it purple.
Those buds are very encouraging.

These are white wild raspberry blooms.
When they die off, the azaleas behind
them will come out, in reds and pinks.

This is our red bud tree in bloom.
It doesn't get very tall as it can
not keep up with the competition
for soil nutrients and water.

Our red bud tree is a week or two
behind most of the others. So are
the azaleas, a lot of things come
late at the Jim's place.

I won't tell you what kind of vehicle this is.
(It's red!)

If you know or want to guess please tell us what you think in a comment.
Include make, model, and year or what all you know.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there.
(Why GREEN here? Next week will be Green for St. Patrick's Day if we we wish).

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Not sure about the car...

Really envy u got a big yard...In SG, most of us staying in flats which are like small "bird cages". Ha ha.

It Meows #24
That's an old Ford Bronco I believe. Don't know the exact year but they used to be plentiful in the 80's.
I love redbud tres. I have two on our lot next door and cannot wait for them to bloom.
I have no idea what car is that. *scratches head*

I envy your spacious yard, I have a small garden where only a few pots of plants can be accommodated. :)
Lovely blooms in your yard Jim!
Your azaleas look so healthy. I could never grow those well.
I have a red bud tree but a few weeks to go before it will bloom here.
Your wonderful red vehicle is a Ford Bronco and I'm guessing an early model (66-77).
Thanks for your wonderful comment on my red rose. It is not from my garden but one from my birthday/valentine roses from my Hubby.
Imagine, living where the Azaleas are blooming outdoors.
Mine are lively red on my dinner table.
You live in such a wonderful country, and I know you are being grateful for doing so.
The sibling of the Azalea, the Rhododendrons, will be blooming in May here north.
Still two months behind you.
I can't tell which Ford it is. Got to wait for Gunnar to get out of bed.
I'm an early riser, 6.30.
have a wonderful Texan Tuesday.
From Felisol
YAY, spring!

No idea of the truck's make and model. ;-)
I don't know about the car but I LOVE the flowers you posted from your garden! We still miss all the flowers here :-( I need spring! It's still all gray and rainy.
A Ford Bronco, first gen, 1969-1976 (I say '69 because of the side marker lights), 302 V-8, 4wd. Just a guess, of coutse!

The blossoms you are seeing at least 6 weeks before us in CT, and they all look good. Natural screening, the bees will be hanging around soon...
I think it's a Bronco, too. I'm a Ford feller myself.

I didn't realize New Jersey and Indiana flora were so similar.
OK, I'm an idiot. I thought I was on Nessa's site.
Hi Jim,
Thanks for your comment on my Ruby Tuesday post.

Your flowering shrubs are beautiful and I can't wait until our place is in bloom. Enough of this crappy weather!

I'm guessing that your red vehicle is a Ford Bronco II, but there's much controversy here in our household as to it's year! From what the photo shows, it sure is in excellent shape, regardless of it's age! (How about somewhere in the mid '70's? My guess, not the man of the house!)

Oh these are such pretty flowers Mr. Jim!
Bernie thinks that this is a late 70's red Bronko Ford....He gave the hub caps a real good look over.
All I can say that it is a red pick up ford and it has a steering wheel. Isn't that the important thing anyways? ...that it has a steering wheel and tires?
I am trying before I make my ruby post to visit a few ruby friends who I have not seen in awhile.
Give my two nieces a hug from their Canadian auntie Grandpa Jim...Adi and Katrin..Love Terry
I can't guess on the truck..but I did enjoy all the flowers and green as it is cold and yucky here..
love the truck, it's a truck right?
my RT is here
I love all your blooming beauty!!
I'm not to good with the car but I just love all the flowers.
Hi Jim, Your flowering shrubs look good, I'm wondering if the Azalea is the scented kind?
Hi Jim...thanks for the invite!!!

Now, I'm thinking that that is a Ford Bronco...but I'd not even begin to guess what year. 1970's??!!!

Thanks for stopping by my Heads or Tails yesterday!! Have a glorious Wednesday.
Love the flowers. My guess is 1966 Bronco. Not really my guess, I cheated and asked our parts man.
I'm horrible at knowing the make of cars, BUT that picture does say FORD across the front of the grill.
So, it's a red, Ford, boxy truck.
The signs of spring are all around us!
Isn't that wonderful??!!!!
Nice photos Jim. I am looking forward to flowers coming up again. I look forward to being in the flower beds and garden.

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