Monday, April 13, 2009

This week is Egg Salad Week. (link for low cal egg salad recipe) (click on picture for bigger view)

You can see I like my eggs in an omelet. This is a three egg omelet with the works that Mrs. Jim and I shared the other day.

Oh yes, there were potatoes and fruit besides the sausage and biscuits and jelly. Plus a few other goodies.

or how about making some
Crystal Light frozen pops?
or buy some?

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Did someone say "egg salad"????
I'm all ears. Tell us more about egg salad.
Well! Why didn't you tell us it was so low fat? 'Bout near passed this'n up.
All my food is low fat. That way I can eat twice as much.
Yeks, you are making me hungry and it's almost midnight....Thanks for the info on the oranges....I also found out, by accident, that banana peels do the same thing. Thanks for the tip.
yummy mr. jim...were there any hot peppers to go with those eggs.
they look so good.
the jims really know how to pack it away and none of you are even fat...not fair.

mr. jim, my appointment is april 20..i will surely let you know how it goes.
thank you for your terry
Hi Jim,
I'm a night owl and it's after 3:30in the morning and now I can hardly wait for breakfast - guess what I'll be having? :)
Hi Jim ~ ~ It seems we all like Egg Salad - thanks for the recipe.
Thank you so much for your comments.I finally have been given a new tablet (Di-gesic) that really helps the pain, although they make me sleepy, so I cut the dose down to one tablet instead of two. And still have the Mobic anti-inflamatory tab.
So I am travelling much better.
My grand daughter Kate spent a month in Bordeax, France to train there for a month, last year.
My footy team play In Aussie Rules
which is a different game to Soccer
I hope that you and Mrs Jim have a wonderful holiday and see some great places. Take lots of pics to show us. Regards, Merle.
toooooo much colestrial, could kill me off with that number
Dear Jim,
Egg omelet, egg salad, soft boiled or fried egg,- I serve and like them all.
I am picky about which eggs I buy.
I will not eat eggs from cage hen.
They've lived a lousy life. How can one expect good products from so much suffering?
I buy "Freelanders", preferably from a local farm.

There is good and bad cholesterol. Stress is bad. Eggs are yummi.
From Felisol
Hey you.... how did you find me? LOL I shut the other blog down and I haven't been back to this one really.... just thought I would look today. I have a job now so I am out of the house three days a week and I love it. I am looking after a 6 month old baby. So how are you all????

Hugs xx
YUM! The potatoes are my fave. i could eat them 4-5 times a day!
Gay Jim, Yummy omelet and potato's
I had one yesterday with cheese and asparagus.
Let's see if the Jim bunch likes this: I mix tuna fish with my egg salad. Whenever I bring it to lunch at school, I get a collective groan.
I haven't had a big breakfast like that in a long time.
That looks yummy!
Great pile o' eggs and stuff Jim. Looks good enough to eat.
I see you've got the golf course all greened up. Ours is starting to do pretty well. Our first league night is Tuesday. It should be fun. I'm on a good team this year. (good=fun to be with)
I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Man, that does look good.
I love omelets. But I don't want to go overboard with the cholesterol since my last tests were really great after being so high for years. So I eat a lot of Egg Beaters. I don't think I like egg salad.

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