Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Adi Update -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday

You can see that Adi likes Red. She sniffs out items of Red.

Adi's has been under the weather lately. Her problem was diagnosed as
Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) in Dogs (

She spent Sunday, May 17, afternoon and night in the emergency clinic and doggy dormitory. Then all day Monday until about six.

All that time she was getting fluids and meds by IVs.

When she got home she was on a canned bland canned food diet and gradually she could have her kibbles added.

Too she was taking Flagyl 250 Mg pills, two a day through Friday (10 pills). We finished those Friday evening.

Adi is pretty well recovered now.

She still is inordinately thirsty. I am waiting to see if it could be the canned diet food doing that too her. Otherwise she has a new problem now. Time will tell.

She is in good spirits and feeling chipper, much like her old self. She ha lost some weight but has that put back on now.

Adi did come with us this Sunday to Mrs. Jim's family reunion in Louisiana.

The picture below is to show that our Memorial Day flag is not nearly to be touching on the ground as it is hanging about a foot above.

And Adi? This is her favorite pose. She is busy contemplating something doing something fun. Laying on her Red carpet

Or perhaps she is hoping she go visiting with the residents of our assisted living home tomorrow. I think she will. Of course I go too.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there.

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I'm glad that Adi is feeling better. Funny, that's Copper's favorite pose, too.

I hope you're having a great Memorial Day. We had our BBQ last night to ensue we had the extended family here. Today is a quiet one for us.

Now, I need to catch up on your posts I missed.
Best wishes, Adi, for a speedy recovery.
Love the photo with Adi and the flag. Hope Adi feels all better. Hard to watch a beloved pet suffer.
Jim, sorry to hear that ADI was "under the weather". I hope she is doing much better.....I like her pretty red carpet.

We have our flag up out by the street. Check this out: http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=88495822750&h=Qnsom&u=D-vDo&ref=nf
Dear Jim,
I hope Adi will get better day by day.
She's so good looking and sure loves being with you, I can see that. That Persian rug sure looked enhanced by Adi decorating it!
Wish you a happy Ruby Tuesday.
From Felisol
Ha ha! Like his pose in the 2nd pic. :D
Poor Adi! Thank goodness that she's feeling better. I wonder too why she's so thirsty though.. Poor pooch! Adi sure is quite the red detective!
Glad the dog is doing better. Maybe she got dehydrated by some of those IV's.
Playing golf now?
Glad to see Adi getting along better. and still finding the RED Items.:-)
I see Adi is quite the patriotic dog. Cute photo with the flag.

I hope she is feeling better every day.

Happy Ruby Tuesday ~
all kinds of beautiful red but Adi is the one who catches my eye :)

I'm glad she's feeling better and I hope the thirst is just a reaction to new food, my Mia went through that recently
cats also drink a lot (don't we all!) when under stress - I don't know if dogs react the same

big hugs to Adi, she's such a sweet girl
Hi, Jim, so glad Adi is better! Love your photos of her and the American flag! :)
Hi Mr. Jim,

I just saw the comment you left me awhile back at Pals...thank you! I have missed you lately. I have been soo busy I have no time for blogs anymore :( and I am trying not to get stressed out and all...right now I am leading my church's brand new youth worship team, and it is not as easy task to choose easy songs for teens with little to no musical experience!! I think you should come and sing in the team ;) you could be apart of our youth almuni branch (our bass player who put this idea together is a member of youth almuni!) LOL!

Sorry to hear Adi was under the weather...we had to put our dog down (cancer) in March and I miss her so much! She was 10 years old.

God bless y'all richly,
Glad Adi is doing better. 10 pills a day seems like a lot.
What a beautiful pooch! I hope she is well.
Poor Adi; bless her little heart. I'm glad she got well in time to go visiting with you. She looks good.
OHHHHhh Poor Adi hope she is well on the road to recovery..
dear mr. jim..thank you for all your help during the last week of all those birthdays!

i will be back to give a proper comment about my darling niece, adi.
i am glad that she is feeling better grandpa jim...

i put connie's testimony on my blog.
remember mr. jim that you allowed me to put yours on?
i enjoyed reading it again.
i have it labeled, "testimonies" so if you want to read yours again, just click on the label.
yours is quite a story,
see you later my faithful friend....love terry
here i am mr. jim...i said i would be back.
yes adi is a true blue american but she doesn't mind coming over to canada once in a while with the other pooches and kitties that belong to the american bloggers.
pretty soon i had better have adi fly them over again.
crown of beauty will be letting me take her two doggies, sammy and patches over for a few days.
samantha is one snobby dog i think, so we will have to put her and princess in separate rooms for sure....ha!!!...love terry

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