Friday, May 29, 2009

A hard day's play in France [part 1] -- SkyWatch Friday (my twenty-seventh) -- Our Spring 2009 Europe Holiday

This would be a busy day made busier.

We went to Homps to ride a canal boat on the Canal du Midi. When we got there we found out that in late April they only ran the afternoon ride so we had to figure out what to do whit our morning.

By unanimous vote it was decided we would visit an old town a bit to the north.

I will show you around that quaint little town which once had been a midievial fortress city.

[click any picture for large size]

The boat captain (only he and a boat attendant would be on our little canal boat) suggested that we drive north to Minerve (link).

We couldn't take the tour (we wouldn't anyway) because we had to have eaten and be back to Homps by 1:00.

The cat was digging in the garbage
at the restaurant outside eating area.

And what did we eat? These places here were not fast food
and there wasn't a MacDonalds. So we dug into our emergency rations.
That would be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made in the car,
some cookies, and canned Coca Cola Light.

We made it back in plenty of time for our canal boat ride. I will post from that nice ride next time.

For sure we had not planned on going to Minerve. After our boat ride, our busy day would continue on. Old town, Carcassonne, was next on our journey. See the map below.

We had fun. I will write more of our Spring 2009 Europe Holiday later.
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The pictures are great, Jim, especially those in the city. I would assume that's an aqueduct in one of the shots, which shows how the Roman influence spread throughout Europe during that age.

Speaking of Rome, the district is changing our curriculum next year. Ancient Greece and Rome will now be taught in middle school which bums me out. They're two of my absolute favorite units to teach.

I'm glad you're putting all the European posts on one site. I'll enjoy reading them over there.
What a great selection of photos, thanks for sharing. The first one is my favourite by the way, excellent.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures
Terrific pictures, Jim, absolutely beautiful! Sounds and looks like a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing!
I didn't have this blog in my Google reader. I do now so I can travel with you when you go somewhere. Woo Hoo. I so love to travel with blogging buddies. Yes, let me get back from the boat after this weekend and I'll check out your trip. Thanks for asking.

Have a great day Jim. Big hug. :)
thanks for sharing these photos and story!
Interesting photos and captures. =)
Such a wonderful day's adventur with so much to see and do. France is so very beautiful this time of year.
just came here to see how adi is.
and then i saw that cat here..ha!
isn't that an expensive cat? looks like a persian and a siamese mix. what is it eating...garbage?
these are great pictures mr. jim
love terry.

mr jim...i finally put my own testimony on my blog.
there are six testimonies there now.
i think it is a good thing!
there is you and maggie ann, mark saumure, connie and i...oh i guess that is on;y five!
I absolutely envy you this journey. My favourite country and the south my favourite area. Wonderful post for me.
Hi Jim ~~Thank you so much for the this post. I have enjoyed reading about your cruise Holiday. Very nice. Thank you Jim for the b'day
greetings. I have had a wonderful
week. On my own again.
Take care, my friend. Regards,
Thanks for including us bloggers into your lives. Love it!

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