Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Spring 2009 Europe Holiday -- Etretat, France -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday --

I received a prayer request for Jeffrey; "he is 58; and battling more than one potentially terminal disease." I am praying for him, will you please join me, thank you. (link for more information)

I call these the RED GIRLS. We were on our way to the beach at Etretat, France. They were stopped ahead of us at the traffic light. Of course we went around them after the light turned and the road was clear, they were extremely slow pedaling along enjoying being observed.

Our mission was to climb the trail up to the top of this ridge. These are the alabaster cliffs that the line the coast along the English Channel here.

Things below looked small when we got to the top. I was puffing a little and thanking my Cardiologist for my stents. At the center top is a nice golf course across the way

The RED GIRLS on the bicycles finally got up here in their own time (no picture).

While we were up there the fog came in off the English Channel. You can't see the golf course any more. The rental boats came scurrying in too.

I thought I had a shot of a nice painting by Claude Monet of the cliffs but I guess it didn't take. The original was under glass there on a stone on the beach. He visited here quite often for some of his sea scenes.

Traffic leaving town was fierce so we stopped at this little pizza place for supper. We might not have stopped there but for the cat's invitation.

After supper traffic had pretty well cleared out and we could head back to Honfleur (France) where we were staying.

In the morning we had driven over to Rouen where Joan of Arc had been burned at the stake. There was a neat shrine over there. That will be another post.

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I haven't seen you for some time, Jim. You went to Europe for a holiday! How lovely and this France trip looks interesting and fun.
Etretat! That is one of my favorite towns!
I'm so pleased you've mentioned me so many times in this post. Cliffs
Nice red fun time photos. happy RT
Guardez le chat!
I must say the French cat looks like the American variety - aloof, if not outright drowsy. What a magnificent view on top of that mount. The fog below adds to the seascape. You have taken the most scenic vacations!
the picture of the red girls is really cool! a cluster of red between them, the traffic lights and yield sign :)
Sounds like a delightful trip!
Dear Jim,
I can see you've had a most wonderful trip to France in May.

Isn't it wonderful being able to take all kinds of photos, while looking for red?
Those girls were so very French in style and looks. ´Elégament!

Did you really bring your golf clubs to Europe??
I would not wonder.

Good to have you safe and sound back deep in the heart of Texas.
From Felisol
Looks/sounds like you had a great time.
These are so very beautiful Jim. You and your wife have been so very blessed!
Gorgeous Ruby Tuesday, love the girls in red. Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)
Jim ~ It sure looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. I don't know how you can both travel and blog at the same time? You are better than I at that! Travel safely! ~ jb///
hi mr. jim,
thanks for telling me you were home a couple of days ago and sorry for not getting here sooner,
i do have my days now where i am nothing but a lazy pants.
i just watched your videos of adi and the rest of your family that you have on you tube,
that adi is quite the girl and i think almost my favourite niece.

i guess those two girls didn't mind their picture being taken and you sure did a good job of it!
you know mr. jim, one of the scarf sisters took a trip to england a couple of months ago and she has some dandy pictures on her sight.
her name is rebecca and she is a manitoba girl just like our saija.
i guess the english channel must be pretty long eh mr. jim?
well it sure is nice to see you home and i hope that you came home to good weather...
give my love to mrs. jim and a hug each to adi and katrin....love terry
You must have had a grand time in France. I've been to Paris and would love to return some day!
I liked your Eiffel Tower shot. ;-)
I was looking for your Ruby Tuesday post on the wrong blog.

That cat in the restaurant window is adorable..

thanks for visiting me!
Jim, thanks for posting these picture. They are absolutely terrific.

I want to go back to Europe. Looking at these pictures reminds me why it's a great place to both live and/or visit.
Sounds like a great trip. We'll keep Jeffrey in our thoughts and prayers.
Wow! Mr and Mrs Jim went for a holiday =)
Dear Jim ~~ Welcome home and thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us. The photos are great too, as many of us will never see these places. I am quite over my fall, and had a great time with 4 cousins.
They ech brought some food.
I hope to see some pics of the Monet Gardens. You have a good supply for your posts in the next few weeks.
Take care, Stay well.Regards, Merle.
Thank you for praying for My Beloved and posting the request!
I'm sorry Jim, I didn't get chance to get over to your blog and read about the beginning of your 2009 European vacation. My bad! Ha!

I hope Adi is better - I think I did read you said she's a little better this morning... :)
Thanks for linking me to this post: we passed Etretat on the motorway last Sunday. I echo the thanks for stents - without them I wouldn't be a blogger!

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