Friday, June 12, 2009

France -- Midi du Canal Part #1 -- SkyWatch Friday (my twenty-eight) -- Our Spring 2009 Europe Holiday

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We are off and running
Our ride would take about two hours

We would go under several bridges on our ride

Cruising along -- A friendly family

The scenery was delicious

Seen along the way:
The ducks watched us go by -- Old boat, for the taking?

A lock to go through -- It's full, we are going in
On the right note the lower water level down stream

Through in good shape -- Couple watching the action
Again note now we are on a lower level,
the water in the lock is gone

We are back -- There is our car

Tim tied us up
He enjoyed his holiday in Europe, we enjoyed his presence.

Tim, our son, is a boatman by profession. He ties up large ships and barges when they get into the Port of Houston. He has been doing this line of work now for over twenty-five years.

I will post Part #2 of our Midi du Canal ride another day. For a couple of other posts showing this ride
click here

Other Participants and How to Have Your Own Skywatch

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Canal gates are some of the coolest things ever, aren't they?
It does look like a lovely trip! Love the canal shots, but they're all really marvelous!

Enjoy your weekend!
The scenery certainly WAS delicious. Looks like a fun day.
Pretty good.
Looks like a lot of fun.
Nice photos Jim and I am sure that you enjoyed yourself. Nice looking son too!
Very interesting. How wonderful to have Tim along to do the hard work that he is skilled at. A European vacation is something I'd love to do someday!!
Lovely photo series about your trip ... almost makes me want to travel again ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Fun stuff Jim!! I'm sure that Tim had a great time!
Did Tim have to join the union to do that?
I've always been enamored by the lock systems on rivers.
Gday Jim, Lovely photo's going up the canal and through the loch. looks like a grand time was had by all'
My Mildura Blog shows us going through the loch on the mighty Murray river...
Dear Jim,
this is going to be a # 1 hit on my travel report's list.
From I was seventeen I had this dream, traveling from Bordeaux aux Marseilles en Canoe.
Canal Du Midi was in four young girls dreams in during french lessons, we planned, wrote and then.. our parents said NO.
I'm enjoying the pictures and the fact that you have been there with your loved ones.
From Felisol

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