Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Midweek Blues -- Who is driving the boat?

Once Rebecca's thing (link1)(link2). here gets off the ground I will post these only on JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO AND POEM PLACE (link). But for now to get more exposure for MidWeek Blues I am putting it here also.

A simple blue picture is just fine.

You couldn't prove anything by me. Since men do boat handling best I will assume the man is.
The fellow appears to have a rudder handle. Or could there be a real driver inside?

We saw this pretty blue barge boat (also called 'narrow boat' [link]) on the Canal du Midi in Southern France (link). We passed it while we were canal boating just over a month ago.

[Answer: they both are, the lady up front is telling the guy in the back with the rudder where, when, and which way he should go and all the other important driving instructions. Ladies are good at that.]

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I am now a charter member of the new MidWeek Blues group, maybe the second person to post, Rebecca, of Dusty Cellar is first. But she started this so she ought to be the first. They post around Wednesday I think.

If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo below. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions (considering it is for the first time). Just do what I did.

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Gday Jim.I wonder who is driving the nice blue boat?
Thanks for your visit always like to read your comments..
1. The paddle steamer is the same price all day.the morning and afternoon on the board is times its running.Carol was with us on the trip she did all the driving.As for her blogging she set this up for me and used to blog accassionly but while she was working she didnt have the time and not really interested in blogging. hope this answers your question.. Take care Weres Adi..
hey mr. jim...can you sing a song for grandpaw ron's granddaughter, brittani or at my blog?

thank you in advance....i am glad that you have good kids and that they are going to keep the family heirlooms....cheers to them out of the three old terry
What an interesting boat. I want to climb aboard and look inside. It's a barge you say? It looks more like a houseboat!
I think Quilly is partly right, it looks more like a French house boat.

However I do believe it is a barge boat (or narrow boat as they are sometimes called).
Please check the link on the blog as I have ammended the post. Or paste this:
I love the boats! Looks very relaxing there crusing along on those boats. What do you mean a woman is good at giving driving directions???? I never heard of such a thing!!! :)

Reading your other posts, I see the Calumet cans. I find it amazing how all these old cans are now collectibles. I just bought some 3 in 1 oil and it is now sold in a plastic bottle. I guess my old one is special now?! It still has a few drops left in it.

That home in Bentwater will have a lovely view so close to the lake! Bet it has a high price tag!

If I had pizza with an egg in the middle I'd want my egg well done too! It sounds good long as the egg was done!
I saw boats like these in many places while I was living in the UK. I loved seeing pictures of them again.
I don't know about the BLUES Jim, but those pictures relaxed me! ~ jb///
Thanks for letting me know about Midweek Blues. I love that narrow boat. That looks cool.
Blue is the favourite colour of many people =)
If that boat is in France I will take a ride. Oh, that means I will have to go to France!
Yep, we ladies are VERY good at instructions and being bossy. It just come naturally.


I don't have the blues at all from looking at those blue boats. They kind of made me smile.
Intriguing boat photos and once again I seem to be thinking 'travel' even though I love being at home. ... I'll need to check out Rebecca's site for details for Midweek Blues. Photos see to be my thing lately! Could be fun ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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