Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oops, caught in the act just for Jim's 'Ruby (Red) Tuesday'

I know these folk don't want their vices known!
I will expose all today for 'Ruby (Red) Tuesday.

What is my red-shirted preacher cousin and golf playing buddy carrying in his back pocket? You may have to click on the picture to get a closer look.

Why is Adi standing in the street looking at the red roses when her sidewalk is right beside her. (A hint is shown in the bottom picture.)

Why is Adi sleeping on the red rug when one of her beds is right over there? She does have four beds to choose from; she lays on the floor?

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her sidewalk for dogs?

Top: This is a shadow projected from that Coke bottle sitting on the table.
Next: Bottom picture answers it.
Third: I don't know. Today she is sleeping on her red checkered bed I brought into the living room. Her Aunt Velma got that red one for her way back.
Bottom: Is the answer to the second. I had Adi walk in the street to pose for that picture. Now she is on her way. She likes to walk the curb. Probably she would do fine on the high wire.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there.

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The Coca-Cola shadow :) Nice people! Hot for Red after full dose of caffeine
Adi always seems to have a smile for the pictures. Probably aince you cater to her whims quite well (who is walking whom here?). I was wondering if in the second photo if he was in the street because that flag looks like the ones you see where there is one of those 'silent' electric dog fences...

No self respecting pet sleeps in their own beds it seems.

Nice shadow effects on the preacher's backside!
A shadow from a coke? And I thought it was a tall bag of candy.

Adi is a sweetheart.
Hi Jim,
I thought it was a flask in your cousin's back pocket. Boy was I wrong.

(Re your comment last week: I agree, Versailles is certainly large. I couldn't believe how humongous it was. Incroyable!)
Jim, I love the touches of red in your images. I agree, the images at Xi'an are unforgetable. I really enjoy your blog. I'll be back often.
LOL. I thought it was something damp. It was a shadow of the Coke bottle! Ingenious for you to capture it. :)

My first Ruby Tuesday entry is here: http://brandsforgrabs.blogspot.com/2009/06/ruby-tuesday-going-red-for-pizza.html
What? it's the shadow of coca-cola? i thought it was.........,anyway glad to see you well again.
Ruby Tuesday or not ... just stopping by hoping you are back in the swing of things ... your usual self ... full of life ... full of tricks ... full of surprises ... especially pics of food on your plate. May the Lord give you a speedy recovery.
Preacher cousin is a snappy dresser. Very cool.

Sweet little beagle.
Very cool shadow shot, and I'd like to give Adi a big snuggle.
Looks more like a flask to me in his pocket. LOL

My Ruby Tuesday is posted. I'd love to have your company. Come visit won't you? Happy day to you greetings.
Sweet little ADI, what she'll do for her master....lol. Cat's and dogs always seem to pick their own spot to sleep. Our cat has her favorites, but lately she has picked my sewing cabinet to sleep on....

Have a safe fourth of July, Jim. TF and I will heading up to the Woodlands Pavilion on the 3rd. to hear the Houston Symphony play their music... I just love the 1812 Overture with all of the cannons. Then in the 4th. we will be going over to some friends house for a bbq....
LOVE the bottle shadow! What a sense of humor and good eye! And what a sweet dog!
I love the cola shadow - I first thought it to be a hip flask. The preacher is a standout in that red shirt.
haaahhhaaa...I love your sense of humor. And...all your red for this Ruby Tuesday. Thanks for sharing..
Kewl RUBY REDS ...
Love your preacher's shirt and Adi reminds me of a Beagle who shared MY life for 16 years. I enjoyed seeing her in various settings.
Hugs and blessings,
If there is a curb, Adi will walk on it istead of the sidewalk or grass next to it. Kind of strange?

I hope you are back up to 100% now after the surgery.

Jim, a great Ruby Tuesday post! Great photos! That first one I really believed til you explained it! :)
Hi Jim, Your Adi looks so much like the dog of my childhood...very much so! It brings back nice memories.

I won't have as many blue berries as raspberries. We only have two young bushes, they take much longer to grow than those raspberries which have taken over the place.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving your blueberry story.
the first picture is cool and love all the red the dog is a beagle is it not? I love beagles
Jim, I read your comment on my blog asking if I saw your hospital pics. No! I missed them.

So, thanks for making sure I saw all the posts I missed. I hope you're feeling great!
Dear Jim,
I bet your sense of humor has got you through many hardships..with a smile.
I'm so glad to see you and Adi out, strolling about on new adventures.
The Coca cola picture was clever, real clever.

Thanks for having me on your prayer list. I very much appreciate that.
You are on mine too, you know, you and your house.
Hope Karen is well.
From Felisol
what a little darling my adi is.
she always knows exactly what to do mr. jim to make a ruby tuesday really special and so do you.
love terry

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