Sunday, June 07, 2009

Out my a borrowed back door -- Sunset through the clouds

I'm saying borrowed because it wasn't taken from my back door. This pretty sunset over the water was from a balcony of a house being built over on the lake (in our Texas subdivision, Bentwater).

Looking straight down, I almost got sea sick. The little waves were rolling up to the bulkhead. So IF we lived here I would always look out, not down.

Maybe more of Jim's European Holiday posting next week. I have been having a VERY busy week but it's isn't almost over.
Like my mother-in-law (link) would say, "'It won't be long now' said the monkey when he caught his tail in the door."

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I'd need a dock so I could have my boat right there too. Just saying.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)
AWESome shot
Nice photo. As nice a title.
One of my favorite views from anywhere in the world. You captured it beautifully.
Yep, that's a really nice view. All you need is 24' pontoon tied to the railing.
The eggs in the pizza are a different deal.
I remember you liking your eggs hard.
Hi Guys, I like this picture too.
And there is a boat dock already in, the owners come up weekends for boating, etc.
i w3ish i could still blog...broke my arm and can't use the computer and loren christie says i make fun of her catholic saints, which i probably did..glad to see you are not detered
Pretty shot Jim! ~ jb///
Wow! The photo is so nice =)

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