Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Vintage Calumet cans -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday --Free to family members

[Super large picture]

I sent this message to local family members Monday night, so far no takers. Those more distant are welcome too but I would have to mail them. I would wipe the Nebraska dust off the lid(s) if requested.

1. The cans are spoken for by our children. Guess anyone else will have to pay $12.08 and buy from e-Bay.
2.The recipe booklet now sells for $18 from one antique dealer (link).
"Calumet Baking Powder, pamphlet, 1909, Reliable Recipes, nice $18.00"
"Calumet Baking Powder, pamphlet, 1907?, pic of Indian on cover, mint $20.00"
I don't think we have one of those. Mom may have had one.

My message to the kids:
"We have three of these and don't have room for them any more. They were Grandma H's. Do you want them (free!!)? One even has the 29 cents on the lid."

Even better than that, they are actually SOLD on eBay! This one (
link) has the asking price of $6.99 (buy it now) with $5.09 shipping, USPS. It has the 29 cents on the lid.

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Your kids should jump at having something from their grandparents. Don't let them off the hook too easy. Thanks for sharing.
Very vintage!
I bet you could find one of those in my Pepsi store don't you think? :)

Hope you're having a great week Jim. I'm glad you liked my new blog - sort of post a pic and go - no words - easy!
Grandmas' kept everything! My Grandmother was a seamstress, I have so many WW2 things from her. Oh, by the way I love that brand of Baking Powder,it's the best. thanks for visiting, happy Ruby Tuesday. Always looking for that Ruby:-)
the last time i saw this was decades ago.:D
So Jim, are we to assume that you used to bake? $0.29 seems to harken back about five decades or so, give or take...
Nice reds...love the thought of being grandmas!
Good long term investment.
I remember these as a kid. Wow, how cool to actually still have them.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
dear mr. jim...these are nice family heirlooms, and I hope the kids do want them...they can pass them on to their children and their children's children/
or you could give one to each adi, katrina and amber the cat!.......happy ruby tuesday,
those cans just hit the spot,eh?
love terry
Very kewl ;--)
I remember these cans for sure!
Hugs and blessings,
I love old items, Jim. Cool idea for a photo.

Happy Ruby Tuesday and thanks for visiting me ~
I wonder what the recipe book offer was like!!

what a blast :)
Neat photo. Cool cans... and the kind of odd family treasure that's worth more than money because they have memories and family lore attached to them.
Dear Jim,
The cans are rare. Why do they have a Indian advertising for baking powder?
Some hidden formula?

I agree with Raven. Heirlooms are valuable because they have a history connecting the generations.
Bet your mother made some tasty bakery with her powder!
My mother would always bake a cake for Sundays and waffles and horns for everyday coffee.
She didn't have a mixmaster (at least not when I was a preschool child9.
I sat on a kitchen stool watching her stirring sugar and butter white for the cakes.
Oh, our moms were women of rare class.
The red boxes bring good memories at least to me.
From Felisol
The recipe booklet now sells for $18 from one antique dealer.
"Calumet Baking Powder, pamphlet, 1907?, pic of Indian on cover, mint $20.00
Calumet Baking Powder, pamphlet, 1909, Reliable Recipes, nice $18.00"

I don't think we have one of those. Mom may have had one.
I vaguely remember seeing these in my grandmother's house. Nice to see a photo of them...it brings back some nice memories.
I've probably had some eats that came out of the cans. And I'll bet I've been in the store where they were purchased.
Wow, Jim, I'm glad you didn't just throw them away!! Your kids will treasure them! Great Ruby Tuesday post! :)
You know, there are likely still a half dozen of these in my Gram's basement. They will be full of buttons or screws or such. Hmmm, wonder if anybody in the family knows that moldering relic my uncle has let the house become probably has a fortune in antiques rotting within.
I have an old baking soda can, but not that brand. I collect old kitchen tins and tools.

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