Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby KP

This is Baby KP. She came looking for Billy, Karen, and BP exactly at 6:18 PM yesterday afternoon.

And she weighed 5 5/8 pounds and measured 18 inches long. [Click on pictures for bigger size.]

Of course we have to have Grandpa and Mimi pictures as we posed with Baby KP. There were no problems with the birth, in fact she came fast, in about 20 minutes after Karen got serious with her labor.

Karen and Baby are at Methodist Hospital in the Houston Medical Center. I do believe that Baby KP was aware that we all were waiting and watching for her. She sure does seem to be content with the family she found.

Below is Karen's Christmas Tree. Five treats are hanging there for her I.V.

This is the lobby at Methodist Hospital. I was on the second floor and just off from the sky bridge coming over Fanin Street from the parking garage.

I am looking at a part of the hospital lobby. Beneath me and this balcony is a piano which is pretty well booked solid from mid morning until evening time. Those flags are Texas, Lone Star State, and the U.S.

Baby KP has this nice room all ready for her to occupy.

A three generations picture -- Grandmas and a Grandpa, waiting

Karen, Baby K.P, Mrs. Jim, B.P. - - - - - Grandpa P, Grandma P, Mrs. Jim

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glad to hear all went well

ooohh, what a cute baby. I mean, all babies are kind of cute but some are more :-)

Congratulations and blessings for you, your family and baby KP :-)
CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE JIM!! She is so cute!!! I know that everyone is pleased, especially Karen!! that things went smoothly and fast!!

A new baby for you and Mrs. Jim to spoil!!! Hope Adi's not jealous!
as soon as I saw your comment and saw the word grand daughter I came right over!

welcome to the world baby KP

I think she has the same crib as my grand baby has - they have such good taste these young ladies ;)

beautiful photos, beautiful family

congrats to all
Baby KP is beautiful. Congratulations to all. You look like one proud Grandpa, Jim!

Karen was lucky in the labor dept.
wow! the baby is here now, congrats for your happy family!!! I hope to see more baby photos , baby are always the best thing in world, blessing you all well.
What an adorable little one! I'm really sorry you aren't a little more proud, grandpa! Congratulations to the new family!
Dear Jim,
My best congratulations to every one in the happy family.
It's such a beautiful sight.
A good thing your hear had a makeover before this phenomenal event.
I know of nothing greater gift than a newborn child.
Praying God to bless you all from now on and ever more.
From Felisol
How exciting!! A beautiful baby! Congrats to all.

Congrats to Karen and the whole clan. What a great pic. She looks happy and tired. I know you had a great deal to do with it so congrats to you and Mrs Jim too.
Congratulations on the addition to your family.
Oh my, how very precious Jim!
I'm so happy all is well.
Get to know this new little bundle and hug her close.
Hugs and Blessings!
Hi Jim ~~ Hearty congratulations to
all the family as you welcome a new
baby granddaughter. She looks so cute and you all look proud.

Thanks for your comments and yes it sounds like Patty was watching you forgetting things and like Winifred you put things away safely???
Glad you enjoyed the post and the Hamid/Ahmed joke. Guess they never heard of going for a job?
Take care my friend, Regards, Merle
Congrats to all! Wonderful news. :)
God bless the new baby and the whole family!!!
You and Mrs. Jim look VERY happy and proud!!!!
Congrats to Karen on her new baby!!!!!
Hi Jim ~~ I hope the new baby has
settled well at home, and soon learns to sleep and let his parents get some sleep too. Hopefully he will be a good baby.
Glad you liked the few blonde jokes
but I haven't any new ones.

I think I got my e mails 44 of them in 3 days and a bit. There was no notification at all about having to include some numbers with my e mail. At least they let you know.
Definitely they must be blondes at
my server. Netspace. All OK now.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Congratulations, Dr and Mrs Jim!!!

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