Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jim's Sunday Stealing, from last week's list -- 002a

this post has been pulled by author due to lack of sincerity

I did leave these four memes on because they generated a little interest. The rest was blah.

8. Who was the last band you saw live?
Lyle Lovett (link)

10. How many songs are on your iPod?
I don't have an iPod.

17. What was the last CD you purchased?
Willie Nelson. [I will tell the title and why I bought it in another post]

18. What are two bands or singers that you will always love?
Just heard Judy Collins last night on Letterman singing 'Some Day Soon.'

remember, if you really want to see the whole boring post go here.

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But which Willie Nelson CD?
Love Willie.
You don't mow your own yard?
Karen looks relieved to have the delivery over with.
Don't follow porta-potties too closely.
Rachel drives a Town Car?
I don't have an IPod either. Not even sure what they are!

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