Monday, July 06, 2009

July came in with a bang! -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday

I have a collection of these NAPA calendars. I start with the second issue but do have a break of a few years in the late 90's and early 2000's. I may look for missing issues but it probably is not worth the effort.

My grandpa used to own an all white 1955 Ford Tudor like this. I would ride with him, it seemed like just a lot of times.

He bought it new, the first thing he did was to bolt his homemade ring on the hump. That was for holding his tobacco juice can--a one pound flat coffee can, spittoon for the poor people--in place.

The second thing he did was to put a 2 X 4 piece of wood under the seat and bolt it there. That way he could sit up higher in his car like he did in his pickup truck.

Uncles, Grandpa, and Grandma

From left to right: My Dad, Uncle Lester, Uncle Howard, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Chester in 1940s photo taken at Grandpa's farm. The car was Dad's blue 1938 Ford Tudor Deluxe.

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Hi Jim,
Hope you had a wonderful holiday.
I like this old car on the calendar. Would have been nice driving around in one of those this weekend. :)
It's nice you have such a treasured photo as that of your Grandparents.
Have a great week.
I remember my grandpa customising his cars so they suited him better, these days you wouldn't be able to do half the stuff he did. I remember a van he had he made a bench seat for the front where the back let right down to make a bed so he could go camping if he chose. Bob
Jim, my Dad mloved Fords too! This RED and white Ford and the pretty lady in RED are outstanding! :)
Wow, a Crown Vic! With the tinted Plexiglas roof portion and 292 Y-Block...and a carburator and Ford-o-Matic. You have a love of Fords, and it shows! This is a superb example!
The Makita calendars were my favorites.
Cool car and hot gal! ;)

Ang Paus (Sweet Red Buns)

Happy RT!
p/s: we have the sweet buns for breakfast and tea breaks. :D
My dad owned a 55 Ford Tudor, in robin's egg blue. Great car. Happy RT.
Nice rubies...I say rubies, one for the car, and one for the girl;)
there's something about old calendars that conjures good old times:) I like the old pic of your family with the car at the background.

My Ruby Tue is here
Did you notice how all of the cars of the 50's had a jet-age theme to them? Look at the hood ornament on that Ford. Even the chrome trim on the side is reminiscent of a vapor trail.
Hello Mr and Mrs Jim

Yeah! July came in with a bang =) Bang Bang =)
....and you know? I can remember these cars of my youth!!

My R T is now posted if you'd like to stop by and view. Have a great day!
Hello Jim ~~ I enjoyed your post about cars the family had. Nice pic of your grandparents and uncles.
No, Warren didn't comment on the joke about Wazza and the Woodpile.
He had Peter for the weekend, as Peter had acar accident in his 11 month old new car. Neither driver was husr, mainly only Peter's car which you can see on his blog.

You would certainly rate as "Before I was a Dad" with twins.
It must be very hard work bringing
up multible births babies. And the
lady with 8 babies, will get a lot of help I guess. It's more like a litter !! Take care, Regards,
Kewl memories ... wonderful photos today ... reminding ME of my younger dayz and relatives passed ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
I like the car, but the story of your grandpa better. I had a grandpa who 'improved' and 'innovated' as well. I think we've lost something in our skill set with these guys passing...
I like it that the driver's "clothes" match the car. ;-)
My folks had a black 57 chevy.... I know... if they had known then what they know now... we would still have had it. Oh, well.
Jim ~ What grandpa didn't have a suicide knob on the steering wheel? Next you'll be telling me he didn't hang dice on the rear view mirror?
I hope you and Mrs. Jim had a nice 4th of July. But I have a feeling it wasn't as much fun as last year. ~ jb///
That's a neat photo of the old Ford on the calendar, Jim.

My grandpa always accessorized his cars. You brought back memories. He didn't have much money, but he had a lot of fun.

And I love the old photo of your family.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
oh mr. jim
the car is of course beautiful, but oh! that family picture.
what memories it must bring back to you.
i am so glad you posted that picture! terry
Great memories of your grandfather. And I loved the pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog Jim. You visted Bruges? My favourite town, my hometown. I was born there. I live in Antwerp now, but I miss Bruges a lot sometimes.
Dear Jim,
The Ford Tudor was and is a beauty.
Something about those huge American fleets, being bold and streamlined at the same time. So very much honest New World. No reason to be shy about your wealth or scared of taking up space.
Fuel shortage was not an issue at all.

It took me quite some time to realize just how much culture and progress were symbolized by the AmCars.

Those relatives of yours were such a hugworthy, respectable guys.
Like the old cars, they don't make them solid and honest-proud like that anymore.

I think you must feel rightfully honored to be part of in a male branch like this.

From Felisol
PS. You are right; I unstrapped my wrist before going to the concert,- insane vanity. Who can listen to The Wild Rover and not clap one's hands? Not this wild oldie!
I'm paying the prize, but I'd do it all over again.
P.S. 2
My grandad and my uncles would always made personal adjustments to their buses and cars as well.
My dad attached an altimeter from a crashed German Messerschmidt war plane to the ashtray in his car.
That way he could always keep track of how high above sea level he and my mother had been on their hilarious travels up and down Norway, Sweden and Finland.
He kept an accurate diary..
From Felisol
It's fun looking at old pictures of family.... I like the old car too... My dad used to have an old Ford truck, I can't remember what year it was, but I was a little girl and remember it well... He used to park it on the street, with the key in the ignition, until one day someone tried to steal it... After that dad kept the key in the house..He still didn't lock it but he had the key.... That was the old days...

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