Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A 'Texas Breakfast for Seniors -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- The Jim Bunch Eats again!

This is what I call a 'Texas Breakfast for Seniors.'

When I was teaching* I would allow my students to eat and drink in class. Many were commuter students who were just settling down from their urban drive and parking hassle. Others only had ten or fifteen minutes between classes.

A very large population of Texas women, young and old, have a Dr. Pepper and their chocolate candy bar for breakfast. A lot more than for the men.

My own personal name for this morning treat is "Texas Breakfast." For the Dr. Pepper the calorie count is about 140 and my favorite candy bar, KitKat, 220 (total 360). Too many for most sedentary seniors.

My 'Texas Breakfast for Seniors' is unlimited amount of black coffee and one, just one, Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookie. Total calorie count of 40. Zero for the coffee and 40 for one cookie. That is how I stay so thin.**

About the coffee, we use Community Coffee, Dark Roast. Their slogan is "Still One Pound." Community Company is a leading industry of New Orleans, Louisiana. Their coffees are a mainstay of Southerners for their morning coffee. If you can get it in your area try some. It is THE BEST.

* I was a Business Professor at
San Jan Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas. It is a community college for surrounding Houston students. Our enrollment is a little less than 25,000 students (statistics link). I generally taught three business law classes, one entrepreneurship class, and one introduction to business class. Most semesters one of my classes would be an evening class.

** Not my usual breakfast. Usually I eat one half a granola bar with my coffee for 90 quick morning calories (
link). I share the other half with Mrs. Jim for her similar breakfast. Then later for an 'energy pick-up' I have a couple (two) no fat soda crackers with peanut butter with more coffee for another 100 or so calories.

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Gday Jim. Now that looks a good breakfast to me . now your not going to believe this , Ive just made a cuppa before I go to bed and Im eating a large Kit Kat for super.. Lol
Jeanette, I'd let you do that in my evening class for your supper too! Great!
I drink coffee all day, Jim, and have Drake's cakes (do they have them in Texas?) for breakfast. Thanks for you sympathy and kind words re my oral surgery. I'll be fine in a few days. :)
Dear Jim,
nice and tempting chocolate bars.
I guess you can see the greatest differences breakfast between the Old and New World in their breakfast habits.
We were originally an agricultural population. One cannot be supposed to work on an empty stomach.
I eat a bowl of corn mix (not this puffy cereals, but oat, whole wheat, rye and spelt.) No sugar added, maybe a few raisins, but preferably fresh fruit and sour milk added.
Then water and coffee.
When I'm in England, I enjoy a full free English breakfast. Then I can tourist about for hours without eating more.

Never tasted American Coffee. Java mocha blend is mostly sold here.

Well, I think I would survived nicely in America too, but I know some Norwegian mother's in law being confused and bewildered about their son in laws craving warm waffles for breakfast!

You did well in letting you students eat. Gunnar also had an issue about pupil coming to school on empty stomachs.
He once had a real problem-class, children from underprivileged homes. He then managed to give them a school breakfast at the beginning of the day. Not without the usual bureaucratic battle though.

Skudenes is a small town (about 3000 inhabitants). We live on the mainland close by and are a population of 30 000.
Not too big that either.

From Felisol
am a coffee drinker too but i am wondering how many cups you have in one day. i can only tolerate 2. my Ruby Tue is up too.
I loves my coffee in the morning and I so remember having thin mints for breakfast a time or 12. I've also had many KitKat's for breakfast too. You made me laugh out loud. I will admit that I ate most of the box of cookies in one sitting too. Bwahahahahahaha. I don't have these kinds of breakfasts anymore. Sigh.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)
sit down at table
some delicacies dressed in red
waiting to tempt you

My Ruby Tuesday
Hi Jim,
Well this post certainly made me smile. I was a girl scout leader years ago. My breakfast would have to be coffee and a Samoas.
I could handle a Texas woman's breakfast too with a couple of updates - Cherry Dr.Pepper and a white chocolate Kit Kat!!
And Jim, no need to apologize for not getting around. I just love it when you do. :)
Have a great week!!
I hadn't considered a KitKat and DR. Pepper breakfast. Nothing wrong with such a combo, of course, but the boring old cereal I enjoy (Patti knows!) works well. What an accomodating prof!
wow, how can you eat just half of a granola bar?
It's the most important meal of the day!!

No eggs, bacon, cereal, toast, waffles?? None of the above?

I know I need my protein, etc. for breakfast. Definitely not candy.

You were certainly good to your students. ;-)
I'm sure your students appreciated it Jim!

I love Kit Kat's but not so much the Dr. Pepper, and the two together doesn't sound so great.

My breakfast habits vary quite a bit. It all depends on my mood.
I bought a Kit Kat bar last night for the first time in years! How funny is that

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