Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Did your house have a couple of tears this morning?

Ours did. There was no way this little girl and long gone mama would be separated for a while. There were tears all around this morning.

Congratulations and applause to all who worked on the release and to the two governments for having civil talks. May peace continue to be furthered in this wild and crazy world.

Picture from ABC Good Morning America on TV 13 in Houston.

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I totally agree, Jim.... I cried as I watch that mom hugging her little girl....
Thanks for highlighting this Jim... what an incredible reunion.
I am SO happy they are home!!! I did not see live coverage of any of this, but I did see a news report showing them being greeted when they got off the plane.
Praise the Lord for such a marvelous and happy ending to this bitter tale. Kim Jong Il is a horrid man, and I feel so badly for the North Koreans. It's a whole different world in South Korea. Oh, what a difference freedom makes. The world has had far too many cruel dictators.
I applaud the efforts and success of Pres. Clinton!!
Jim, I sat in front of the TV and wept!! :')
Amen to that Jim! It was a touching moment to see them get off that plane and reunite with loved ones!

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