Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Help save the wolves -- you can send a message

A direct link to this YouTube message by Ashely Judd:

I have signed this petition, you can too: (

Here's what you'll read there, then sign or read more from the drop down menus.

Urge President Obama to Stand Up for Idaho Wolves
Idaho officials have announced they plan to allow hunters to target the 1,000 wolves in Idaho, shooting and killing up to 220 wolves during this hunting season alone.

In just a few days, more than four thousand -- of an estimated 70,000 -- wolf-killing permits have already been sold!

Help us save these wolves! Fill out the form below to send President Obama a message urging him to stop Idaho’s awful wolf hunt and restore Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in Idaho and Montana.

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God had appointed us as stewards of his earth. This doesn't sound like we are doing a very good job of it. How will these officials answer to God?

Unless we stop the hunt, hundreds of wolves could be killed, with orphaned wolf pups -- unable to hunt for themselves -- left to starve to death during the brutal winter months.

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Ever tired to farm when the wolves are left unchecked? You can't keep your animals. There is a reason this is done periodically. Just saying. :)
great cause!

will sign up

dear mr.jim...i just came to say thank you for your birthday song on my blog and then i read this.
i think it is way too cruel.
then those idaho officials will be complaining about an excess of deer.
i can see hunting if they hunt to feed their families, but why will they be killing all of these wolves?
i can understand sandee too if she is living where they are causing trouble but those wolves they are planning to murder are in their own homeland.
signing petitions will probably not help either because the government will just do as they please...i mean look at canada..all the baby white seals that they murder every year!
i bet the government will make a lot of momey selling all those hunting permits!
well i had better read your ruby tuesday mr. jim. i need some cheering up terry
This just makes me sick. I have no use for people who are so ready and willing to kill wild animals.

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