Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Jim Bunch Eats -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- at a 2-star restaurant

This group is a part of Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class eating at one of our local Mexican restaurants. The food is excellent, Mrs. Jim and I shared the Sunday special green enchilada dinner.

I rated the place a two-star out of a possible five stars. My reasoning is below.

Two stars are right here, one in each picture. The next two didn't fare so well, did they? Scroll down again and I'll tell you why if you can't guess from the photos.

These two are evidence of a less than five star restaurant.

I judge restaurants by the quality of the rest rooms. This one was only a two.

They will get two stars, one each for the towel dispenser and another for the soap dispenser. No stars are coming for the water basin or for the toilet.

Both the towel and the soap dispenser are 'no hands' operation machines. We have to put our hands on the water faucet and on the toilet flushing lever. Stars go to the automatics, no stars for the manual.

Don't you really love it when you don't have to touch anything but yourself in a public restroom? You too can give the stars earned according to Jim's star award formula.

Did anyone guess how to get five stars? I have the answer posted in the comment section. Not many make that big five.

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The fifth star is for an automatic door. This is desirable for the disability and older people.
I've never had all five in one place yet.
I say go for the great food and avoid the restroom. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
The group shot is great. I love it when the subjects are totally caught off guard. Love the ruby glasses too. I laughed imagining you taking these pix in the bathroom! Before blogging, I'd have thought you were losing it!
Go for the food and then rush back home to use the washrooms. Ha ha. ;p

cool ideas!
Dear Jim,
What a lovely bunch of Mrs. Jim's eating out.

I'll have to make a revolution on Norwegian restrooms before you come to visit our country. Our restrooms hardly would have gotten any stars at all.

It's so sad really, 162 years after doctor Semmmelweis taught his med student how washing hands saved mothers' lives, we still have no efficient way of forcing people in public areas doing the same.
I think you ought to take a peek at the staff's restrooms as well to really get the broad hygiene picture.
In these swineflue times, that might be a lifesaving thing to do.
Happy RT to you to.
From Felisol
Jim -- I try not to use public restrooms. Sometimes I just have to though and I was recently in a public restroom that registered in the negative stars, so you can imagine what it was like!

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
You are a clever guide to restaurants! Yesterday I read another blog with toilets (those were in Portugal - she loved the trip but not the bathrooms).
Friends gather to eat
enchiladas, tortillas—
and piquant chiles!

My Ruby Tuesday
Thanks for stopping by the blog. Your trip looks like it was a good time. My in-laws used to live in France, and they loved to visit the countryside that was once inhabited by the impressionist artists.

As for an automatic door on a restroom? I've never seen one. But at least many are "push out" doors, so you don't have to deal with a handle.
Gday Jim, looks like Mrs Jims church group enjoying the meal and hope they dont have to use the rest rooms.I try to aviod public rest rooms but when the need comes u gotta go. I always carry tissues and antiseptic hand wipes in my bag for such acassions then dispose in nearest bin outsde door as i leave..
I carry disposable wipes, LOL. I am glad they are getting rid of the hand blowers because I notice more people didn't wash at all, eik.
Great post!
Had a good chuckle and had to post just to see the 5th ELEMENT ;).
I'll be paying closer attention to the WC from now on.
Oh...but did they have fresh made flour/corn tortillas?
Reading your post reminds me of the experiences with my sister and her husband working as 'secret shoppers' for a restaurant chain. To this day, she READS the rating sign in the window of a restaurant BEFORE entering and often checks the rest rooms before being seated. As for me, some things are best left unexamined ... especially if the food is delicious ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Automatics are great!

Here's what you do if not auto: Turn the faucets on & wash your hands with soap (be thankful there is soap...otherwise employees aren't washing with soap, either!).
Take the paper towel (if you need to use a lever, do that before your wash your hands so your towel is hanging down), dry your hands, turn off the faucet with the paper towel, then open the door with your paper towel.
Now, if there is only an air dry machine, then avoid those, flap your hands, and use your shirt tail or sleeve to open the bathroom door.
Or bring hand sanitizer!

Love the big red glasses!
Take Lysol with you.
Hi Jim ~~ Good post, nice photo and
good review of the rest rooms. They
are a worry in a lot of places. Automatic door sounds great. I think the hand sanitizer is the answer.
Thanks for your comments and I am glad the jokes were OK
My granddaughter and her boyfriend
should have a wonderful time in England, and guess they will visit
other parts of Europe. Her parents
and brother are going to visit them next year. I am not fit enough
to make a trip like that.
I hope your sister enjoyed the jokes. Take care, my friend.
Regards, Merle.
Too funny. You should write a book: Five Star Restaurant Restrooms.

Nice group shot.
Jim I am with you. Whenever hubby and I visit a new place for the first time we always check out the restrooms first. As a former restaurant owner and someone who has worked in more than a few, I know, that the kitchens are usually not better cared for than the restrooms.

I recent wrote about one we found in Arizona that would pass the best white glove test the military could give. You may want to check it our if you ever get that way.

You will find the post here http://cashjocky.blogspot.com/2009/07/pink-saturday-el-palacio_11.html
I just know it would be super to be a part of one of your Jim Bunch Eats outings!
It always looks like fun. :)
The five stars plan sounds like a winner. I'll be judging now wherever I go.
Sorry I'm late getting around. I'm getting ready to head off and see my kids and the Grandbabies.
Hope you're having a great week.
Yes, Jim, I try to avoid restrooms but sometimes it's impossible if you know what I mean...

South Street is a great place to visit when you come to New York. The only Nathan's in New York is in Coney Island which is in Brooklyn. South Street is right near Wall Street, Ground zero and a little walk from Battery Park.

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