Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Jim Bunch Eats -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- at a zero-star restaurant

The RED LETTERS on that sign say "DOWN HOME COOKING."

The Jim Bunch went to eat in their old cars again last Thursday. We went to this little restaurant on US Hwy 190 out east of Huntsville, Texas, about eight miles.

You have to remember we are a Texas Bunch when you look at the pictures. Dress was "every day go to town" clothes.

The food was supposed to be good and people came all the way out from Huntsville to eat lunch. The place was crowded, but about a third were from our club. We had four of these long tables.

I said 'supposed to be good,' I really don't like brown gravy on my ribs. I am not sure they were even ribs as there weren't any rib bones. I had ribs with gravy (couldn't get them any other way), green beans, and cooked (still a little on the raw side) squash. And a piece of cornbread and a VERY SMALL side dish of raspberry cobbler for desert.

It wasn't the food that got the zero-star rating. The food was about a one and a half-star. It didn't make me sick but sure did fill me up, too full.

This was a (RED) sign to come. It says "Restrooms are out of order." Yet they were open and ready for use. There weren't any towels or T.P. I missed the sign and the tools and napkins to take in with me. I always wash, then when no towels I dry my hands on my jeans.


For sure a zero-star rating, nothing worked!

Some more of the Jim Bunch. Mrs. Jim couldn't come, she had a Canasta with the ladies thing on her schedule.

On the right are a few of the old Fords. More were on the side of the gravel parking lot. I took my '98 Mustang Convertible. I had the top down until after lunch. It got hot outside while we were inside.

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I'm all caught up here. I'd have to agree on the toilets in restaurants. They need to be clean and operational.
Gravy on ribs?
That is a cute baby K. has there.
Mrs. Jim should be glad she couldn't make it what with that horrible, horrible restroom. Yuck!
Those restroom photos were downright unappetizing! AND, I thought it was against the law to run a dine-in restaurant without bathroom facilities. Where did the waitstaff wash their hands after going to the bathroom? Gag me.
I'll have to be honest with you, the food does NOT look good. It might be down home cookin', but not in my home. The important thing is spending time with friends. Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place and have a great RT.
Taste is in the beholder...It look like down homwe cooking from the 40's.
Like the red shirts though.
I would be happy with a piece of cornbread...haven't had that in years.
Won't comment on the missing restroom facilities... :)
Auntie, yes, the ribs I ate in the 40's also either were fried or had brown gravey. They did have bones though. :-) This could have been round steak, boiled and smothered with gravey.

Mar, indeed the rest room bit was a shocker! But after a long ride when you gotta you gotta. AND wash hands before you eat!

Driller, we have a great group of Early Ford V-8 owners. Mine is a 1950 Deluxe Tudor.

Quilly, the waitstaff washed their hands in the kitchen sink. That kitchen is where we went to pay as well. It was a large kitchen. All I can say.

Cheyenne, Mrs. Jim is a pioneer spirited woman, she carries emergency toilet supplies. I didn't go into the ladies but 'I heard' it was similar.

Cliff, I am still watching your house. I peeked over and you weren't there, guess you're bloggin' on the road as we do.
If you serve gravy over ribs, you have a moral duty to keep the restrooms stocked and functioning.
The restroom looks terrible. Yikes. The food looked terrible too. Just saying. I've never heard of gravy on ribs. Dry rub and then BBQd but no gravy. I'm not eating there.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)

it ain't so bad..
you did have fun!!!!

Please update our info...we have shifted to our own domain..just follow the link of the comment..
Wow, what a horrible experience! That bathroom was not appealing in the least. I hope you bleached the bottoms of your shoes when you got home LOL

Tink *~*~*
yum!! corn bread!

I love zero star dining
Jim ~ At least the food LOOKED good. But that toilet shot made me lose my appetite! ~ jb///
I don't think I could have eaten those ribs and I certainly wouldn't have used that restroom. Perhaps the 'exposure' your reviews provide will help these places clean up their act. Thanks for your visit to Sacred Ruminations. I appreciate you sharing your favorites. I must admit I do LOVE to create, play with, and share these mosaics. Have a lovely day.
Hugs and blessings,
I like the postwar flatheads with the wide whitewalls and skirts. I haven't heard of rib gravy, although I suppose there's always a first time :>)

The food is not 'styled', but yellow squash is a treat. Bathrooms that are rough hewn, well, the food should win out. But odd food with rustic bathrooms make an unholy combination...
Dear Jim,
This was not your lucky day, or what?
The home made dinner looks even wore than the one I make.
It may have tasted well, though, but all that gravy?

The restroom made me want to go out and wash my hands here and now. Do you give minus scores?
BUT I see a happy man, out enjoying the company of his friends. That's priceless, gravy or not.
From Felisol
These toilets are disgusting, I think I wouldn't have eaten there and the food doesn't look special either.
BTW the red telephone booths on my blog only exists in the UK nowhere else. the phone booths in Germany were yellow and now out of glass and metal if there are some. In London you still find them at each corner.
When toilets don’t work
you’d better think twice about
ordering the rice!

My Ruby Tuesday
Ugh, Jim! What can I say? At least the company was good, right? Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)
I'm happy for Mrs. Jim that she was not along for the lunch at the zero-star eatery!

I'm a week late visiting you, Jim. Please forgive. Thanks for the lovely comment on my Ruby Tuesday post last week.

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