Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GO COUGARS!!! -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- My friend's new RED Ford Mustang

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My friend has a new RED 2010 Ford Mustang GT. She likes it a lot. I think the inside is prettier than the outside. Those blue flaming/fanning stripes on the side don't add very much.

How about those University of Houston Cougars, my alma mater's football team? Ranked 12 and 15 for this week, depending on your favorite poll.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there.

In case you were wondering, the instrument I showed last week was a Cuban Shereke made from a large gourd. And not made in Cuba. To see the Question and the Answer Postings, click here.

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A very hot car indeed. Very red also.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)
The flaming stripes are a high margin dealer add-on. The overall styling is like the 65-66 in front with the 67-68 side profile and 1970 taillights. The current retro look works well, because the Mustang worked so well back then. Wait for the 2011 where the Eco-Boost v-6 itself will itself have 315 HP, the new 5.0 will have 400. Your blood runs Ford blue it seems...
Dear Jim,
Lucy you, with a lady-friend owning a red mustang.
I childishly love the roar, when the V 8 engine starts exploding.
A car for speed and dreams.

If you come to Norway, you must see Bergen. If you come in June, you can meet the king and queen opening the Annual spring music festival, great performers from all over the world participating.
Most will like to see the Hansa Museum, it's centally cituated.
I'll be happy to cicerone you.
Just tell what your primar interests are.
Be sure to bring an umbrella, Bergen is situated between 7 mountains, all winds bring rain.
From Felisol
That's a cool 'hot' Mustang you have there Jim.

When I was little our neighbor had one of the original Mustangs = 1964. It was yellow. Now that I think back the guy was probably going through a midlife crisis.
I was really impressed with Ralph's comment until I see it's a different Ralph. Our Ralph doesn't care about cars much.
The Huskers will end up high in the polls I will predict. They have got a lot going on.
Dan is fixing a almost new mustang that will be like new but with a low price. Dark blue. Call him and pick it up when you come to blogstock.
The yellow dog story made me laugh.
How much traffic could you see from your old farm?
I like it!!
hot car! i like it. my Rt is up too.
Hi Jim,

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Peace and blessings...
Oh a red hot car. Happy RT!
all i have to say about this beautiful red car mr. jim is that it has no experience under its belt.
has it like my little red car taken its owner to far away western places?
let us just see where that ruby red mustang will be in ten years.
my own little red car is ten years old and alas, maybe in ten years it will be in the scrap yard!
oh perish the dreadful thought!!

WHERE is adi??????....love terry
great-looking car!
LOVE it!..i've always wanted a RED car :)
A new red Mustang,
ready to zoom anywhere
that fancy takes us!

My Ruby Tuesday
I love the little red sports car....Mustang....it makes me wanna sing "Go grannie, go grannie, go grannie go!" I could see myself driving it. LOL

Have a great Tuesday Jim.
Hootin' Anni reminded me. Yes, my friend is a grandmother, she has three lovely grandchildren.

Marion, of the twenty odd cars I've had in my life none has been red. Boo, hoo.

Terry, Fords are lasting longer and longer!

Cliff, Dan'll probably have sold his Mustang before I ever get there. I do have a 1974, Mom's.
The Mustard Dog story was true, Lois can't remember him. The farm was the quietest place I've ever lived. Almost as quiet as your place.

Patti, those early were a cop catcher too. A lot of people in mid-life still get them, more men than women.

Felisol, you would be the best. We talk about coming to Norway a lot. We just don't get there. And we always take two umbrellas on our trip.
For those who don't know Felisol, she is the mother part of a lovely family of three. Her husband, Gunnar, has a lovely MGTD, they are a car oriented family. Here is the car 23 years ago, he keeps it like this yet today. (paste the link)

Ralph, you know your cars. I like the '10 style, but my friend who has an '09 doesn't. I like the size of my '98 and the interior of the '10. On mine, I have to lock myself in, turn the lights on manually, etc.
(Cliff this blogging friend, Ralph, lives in Conn. and is the husband of Patti and father of their college aged kids.)

Sandee, you would look good in that Mustang. I asked my friend why she didn't get a convertible. She didn't want one. Her husband has a Corvette.

And the others who wished me well, I will soon be peeking in at your blogs if I haven't already been for the RT.

Happy Ruby Tuesday to all.
Vroom ;--)
Lovely Ruby car!!! Looks like fun!
Hugs and blessings,
After 18 years of working in two different Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealerships I have seen a lot of changes in styles of all lines of these cars. The Mustang is nice, but not a lot of room for golf clubs.
what a beauty of a car! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)
boy that is a RED mustang! My friend has an orange one...

Thanks for coming by, you were right, the little stops I had were all out in nowhere.. usually along the side of a road way in the country, or small town.

Jan :)
Me I always wanted a red vet. HRT
I'm just a tad bit jealous!
I had a candy apple red camero I drove after college. Years later a red Chevy Blazer.
At present I'm driving a JEEP - seems to suit me. :)
wonderful shot of lots of red beautiful views. happy rt.

my entry: http://www.myspnv.com/

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