Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Grandbaby KP back by popular demand -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Some good fertilizer stuff

[large picture] [super sized]

Sleeping Babies are sleeping beauties. I couldn't resist her again. And so be prepared for even more another time and another time and ...

Of course the grandfather is pleased with the whole world. He took a little nap too but that picture might come later.

[large picture] [super sized]

Grandma doesn't wear red often!

[large picture] [super sized]

[large picture] [super sized] [large picture] [super sized]

If you can read the label you read it right! Says "EARTHWORM CASTINGS AND BAT GUANO." I am afraid Adi and Katrin would be licking this stuff off the plants.

No, I didn't buy any. Our hardware store is going out of business so everything is on sale. 40 percent off for this stuff keeps it pretty expensive.

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It's pretty apparent that neither of you care for that grand baby one bit. Bwahahahahahaha. Yeah right.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Hi Jim! She is so cute and looks right at home with you and Mrs. Jim!

The pictures of Amber were great too in a previous post.
beautiful grand-baby and aren't they wonderful when they're asleep, little angels. :)
Great pics! Your granddaughter is really adorable :)
awww...cute, precious, loveable

Aww...and a proud Grampa you are. She's adorable!!!
She is a beauty! What did we do before grandchildren? :)
Thanks for the invite to OSI. I write poetry every once in awhile when the mood strikes. It's hard just off the cuff for me and some of the blogging buddies I visit do join OSI - everyone's above my level. :)
Dear Jim,
Your KP baby is a precious beauty.
Oh, image, be at such perfect peace, getting all ones needs satisfied in a moment.
They say that the three first months and then the three first years are the most important in a human's life.
Yet we hardly remember anything from that time, except, perhaps that our peace was like the flood.
Rejoice, rejoice.
From Felisol
Sleeping baby girl,
do you know the adults watch
your eyelids flutter?

My Ruby Tuesday
Sorry to hear about the hardware store. That seems to happen a lot. But there are few places better than a local hardware store.
Another great picture of KP.
Hope that big bloom has a warning about washing your hands afetr each and every use.
Grandkids are the best sleeping or awake, and in red or any other color they're dressed. Our three are quite a delight! Our son and wife are adopting 2 orphans from Ethiopia. We're excited for our growing family.
I hope you post lots of Baby KP!!!

She's a beauty
I love her little hand raised up while sleeping in her car seat

and she looks so comfy and content with her grandparents
I love seeing photos of Amber...sh is a cutie.
Hi Jim,
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous granddaughter again with us. What a sweetie!

I hope Ralph and I get to be grandparents one day.

Sorry I'm late - we went for almost a day without Internet. It was horrible I tell ya!

thanks for stopping by and Happy Ruby Tuesday.
we have an award for you!
Gosh, I've been missing lots of good stuff by only visiting your poetry blog. Baby KP is gorgeous!

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