Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grandchild pictures -- Six Word Saturday -- You can vote

Reached a tie you can decide

Our house is divided. We can't decide which picture of our granddaughter, Baby KP, shows her the cutest.

You can help us decide., I go for the bottom one, Mrs. Jim says the top.

Baby KP had her two months check up yesterday, she weighs 10 pounds and is 22.25 inches long.

I say long, it won't be long much longer. Most Jim Kids are up by four months and walking at nine. That is why perhaps, that the boys are bow-legged as a general rule.

OR ......................

Momma Karen took these with her cell phone camera. She is in the whiz generation so she knows how to make the camera work

Mrs. Jim can take pictures with hers but she doesn't know what to do with one when she gets it.

We will ask BP, she is a better whiz than Karen is at controlling these electronic beasts. She put a calendar on mine as a screen saver.

You can vote if you'd care to comment. When you tell us how cute she is you can go ahead and say TOP or BOTTOM for the pose you like the better.

The rest are coming Saturday

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Well, I have to say I was certain I liked the lower one best until you explained how the sides fell out. I'm not casting my vote against Mrs. Jim, so I'll abstain.
Hello Jim, Thanks for stoping by.
Re; Carlsbad Caverns Yes there is now an elevator
From the Visitor's Center, you can choose to take an elevator directly to the "Big Room"

It`s hard to pick which pic, they are both pricless!
Hard to pick a favorite Jim! They are both wonderful. I guess I'd vote for the top one though. What a cutie and growing so fast!! Two months already?? Doesn't seem possible!!
I love them both! How about they both win? :)
What a cutie she is.... It is hard to decide but I think I like the top one the best...
That is one cute baby! Her eyes are wonderful in the top pic and I love that smile in the bottom pic. I don't think you should choose which is cutest. Hang them both on the wall.
Here’s what you should do
when you have reached an impasse:
Ask friends to decide!

My Six Words
I never referee a marital argument
Stopping by from SWS, and you have given me aaaahhhhh moment of the day. She is adorable.
Dear Jim ~~ Both photos are beautiful and she has a lovely smile in both for only 2 months.
I just posted again, so you will see that none of my visitors could come after all, this weekend.
John's trip this time is for a funeral of a biker mate who died in the US when a deer hit him. He will head for home in the morning and will take 2 days. You are safer with 4 wheels under you. I am glad John and another biker could stay 2 nights with Peter.
Sorry about the blonde Texan -I just copy the jokes. What are Aggies??? Take care, Regards, Merle.
Oh, I can't choose. I pick both. Beautiful precious child. Thanks for playing 6WS!
I like the bottom one best because you can see that sweet little face so perfectly!
The lower one!! So cute!!

Happy 6WS!!
i like the first one!!

just too precious!

They are both adorable, but if I HAD to chose, I'd say the bottom one, simply because you see her better at that angle. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog... have a wonderful week-end !.
Oh she is so cute.

I will have to choose...

Oh no, I don't know which one to choose, they are both so sweet.
Jim ~ Aren't grandkids the best? As for the picture choice... when they are THAT cute... there are NO bad choices! CONGRATS to all! ~ jb///
I'll vote for both of them. Each one is cute in its own way. (How's that for politically correct?)

Now, let's see if I can catch up on all the posts I've missed.
I like the top pic but just by a bit
they are both wonderful

isn't it amazing how fast they grow!!
Hi Jim, Great to hear back from you.

What a little dear this sweetie is. I've been enjoying her pictures and following her growth. They sure change fast don't they.

Hey - my sister lives in Texas too. She down in Bryan and works at Texas A&M

Turlock is clear today. Getting cold and soon the fog will settle in for a long visit. But for now it is clear sailing.

All my best,

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