Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is this thing? -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- The answer

Technically, it is a Cuban instrument called Shekere.

Our church bought the one in my blog (below) to play along with the percussions. Mrs. Jim said they played this Sunday but she did not know that I would need to have information for the blog.

From the City of Marinette, Wisconsin, Web site, here is their blurb:
"Shekere: Like many instruments on this page the shekere is a transplant of the African slaves brought to the Americas during the slave trade. The shekere was used primarily as solo instrument in religious ceremonies, but is now common in many genres of music.
"The Shekere is a dried gourd which is cleaned out and covered with a skirt of beads. When the gourd is played right it will produce a loud bas tone along with the sound of the beads." (page from city Web site)

Link if the Mini Xequerê video doesn't play for you here

Quite a few of you thought it might be a gourd. That is correct. I do know how you would know the name unless you were familiar with these. I learned a lot about music makers made from gourds.

Most either rattle or are beaten or both, like the Shereke has both sounds. The rattle is a loud rustling of the beads. The one I posted should sell for around $50. Ours could also be a Xequerê from Brazil. Our music minister knows the answer to this question and also where we got it. Probably NOT Cuba.

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Fascinating what folks come up with isn't it?
So, a communist cymbal?
Rachel, I can't wait to hear it. So I will sit up close.

Doug, I am sure we didn't get ours from Cuba. It probably has never seen Cuba either.
Hi Jim ~~ I had no idea about this one - musical instrument is is?
John is safely home from the funeral of his biker mate who was killed in the US by a deer crashing into his side, He rode across America in 11 days.
You did darn well googling that
Welsh town and the NZ one too.
Too many letters in them for me to
type again.
Take care Jim. Regards, Merle.
Aha! a musical instrument made out of a gourd

thanks for the interesting info, Jim ~
I would have never guessed it was a musical instrument. Good one.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
I was familiar enough to know it was an instrument but I would never have come up with the name. Neat Red Merc.
The top baby pic is easily the best.
Sugar in the Gourd: Old-Time Music
Dear Jim,
2nd time around and I got the answer to the riddle.
From Felisol
Well, you did get some amusing suggestions..but it certainly makes sense as a musical instrument.
mr. jim...could you at least post one picture of adi?
i miss her so much!...love terry

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