Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall in the Houston area -- Six Week Saturday

A leaf fell, is it Fall?

[large picture] [super large]

The calendar says we are a couple of months into Fall. Our trees accept that but all still have their leaves. Except this one leaf that fell off from someplace.

[large picture] [super large]

It probably was from one of the three ornamental pear trees on the left. Eventially all of the leaves will turn yellow, then fall off.

Here are the other three trees in our yard. We planted all six ten years ago when we moved here.

The next to the right is an oak tree which will stay green all winter. To the right again, the tall tree is a cypress tree which will also lose it's needles. Finally, to the right and close up is a holly tree. It will stay green all year and the green berries will turn red.

All that is to say that we still will have a couple of green trees along with the four baren ones. Our hedge is holly also so it will stay green with more red berries.

[large picture] [super large]

I haven't posted a picture of our new granddaughter, KP, for a while. KP is now three months old. She spent a couple of nights with us and will go back home with Karen this morning.

KP and I were on the back porch with the stroller. She would smile at my corny jokes but it was so hard to catch her smile. Finally I got this one. And don't worry most of the time that left eye is wide open.

[large picture] [super large]

This is Einstien again. KP likes to kick the upright to make the music play. There is a little battery operated music box strapped to the top. We have it set to be motion activated. Can Can is her favorite song.

Katrin likes to listen to the music. She would have a turn in there if we allowed her that priviledge. In the meantime, she is standing sitting guard.

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Six Word Saturday, Click the box --> to visit Cate's blog with Mr. Linky showing all the other blogs participating this week. Cate runs Six Word Saturday. She would like for you to participate.

I wish to thank everyone last week who came up with ideas on my running away. Where to go or views on travel for me were really appreciated. Thank you.

All is still up in the air, I might not run very far.

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oh i can't take eyes off that sweet child..

we already had snow...
If the leaf fell it is all. Your grand-daughter is a cutie and so is that dog.

Wherever you run to, don't forget to come back. Oh, and Amoeba is on his way to Texas soon.
Great pictures! KP (like always) is the cutest baby ever!
Your grandchild is so cute, Dr Jim =)
beautiful child for sure. It's a lot more fun when they start with the smiles.
The trees look good. Almost all of the leaves left us this past week with the soaking rains and high winds. The streets are covered with wet leaves.
Great photo's of your 'scotch' trip.
No just a careless little leaf
Leaf-fall does mean fall,
unless, of course, the leaf is
heedless of it all.

My Six Words
Beautiful leaf & even more beautiful little girl. Happy 6WS
great pictures love the look of that leaf brown on outside and light on inside
What a pretty leaf! What an even prettier granddaughter . . . awww!
I'm amazed your oak tree remains green throughout the year - the leaves hang on for a long time on ours but eventually leave!
KP is adorable.

Silly Saturday #4 - Purdie Pyrate's Halloween
Definitely looks like a pear tree. I say it's fall for sure. Gorgeous here right now.

Thanks for playing 6WS! jim...i THOUGHT that they made everything bigger and better in texas.
now these are quite big....ha..a whole lot of raking to be sure! terry

tell me ..will you be home for ruby tuesday?

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