Saturday, October 17, 2009

In two weeks I'm running away -- Six Week Saturday

Now, where shoud I go? I am taking ideas. The last twenty plus years I've threatened to run away for my birthday. Sometimes I did run away but with a family member, most times it was Mrs. Jim. I like Paris (below) but it's more fun with a partner. [I've been to all 50 States, lots of Europe--would go again.]
Your ideas please.
Stuff them in the comment box.
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Oh I am so jealous! I would LOVE to just runaway. Can you stuff me in your suitcase? I am no bother, you wont even know I am there. :) Just kidding. I hope you have fun wherever you go!
Well, I have a nice plug up for Cuba on my blog ....
Sorry, Quilly, Cuba will not get on my list. When Grand Circle Travel Co. goes there maybe I'll go on one of their tours. I will look at your plug though, thank you.

Thanks, Bridgette. I tell people that too. Or that I'll help with their suitcases. No one ever says yes.

Oh, dear, :-)
Stick a pin in the map - but make sure you exclude all the places you'd never want to visit. Happy Birthday - enjoy it, wherever you spend it.
Take a rocket to the moon
Machu Picchu, Jim. You'll thank me.
Hi, Jim, since you have been to so many places, then you should try a place which is totally new to you, a place far away from your hometown, far away from all the places you have ever been working there, a place with total new faces and new culture to you. It doesn't matter where it is.
Enjoy. I am looking forward to read your post about your holidays.
How about New Zealand? It looks very beautiful there.

Come Visit Silly Saturday
Ireland! No idea why, just go! Lol. (Ok it was the first place that popped in my head, but still, it's supposed to be beautiful!) You dont have to pack me in your suitcase, I'll happily ride along on a first class seat :P
You too? I decided a few days ago that we're going to run away to Florida for a couple weeks, and we're leaving on Nov. 1. It's not "fabulous", but it's easy to get to, and a great place to veg out and get some sun.

Hope you have a great birthday, wherever you end up. Just remember, life is short, and running away sounds like an adventure not to be missed. :)
He says he shall run,
and yet he knows not whither.
Will he or won’t he?

My Six Words
I would say Turkey. Istanbul is a great city with plenty to do and see. It would give you the chance to be in 2 continents and still be in the same city.
Enjoy your getaway! :)
(I'm totally green with envy. *sigh*)

Happy 6WS! :)
if I could runaway I would go to the mountians
How about down under?
A mountain retreat somewhere?
A private beach in the tropics?

Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be grand fun. :)
mr. jim, my friend..don't you DARE run away before your birthday.
you did last year and it near broke adi's heart!!
love terry

besides you will be 108 years young won't you?
it is time to settle down and stay home once in a while,eh?
Wherever you go, it will be a glorious birthday because you can share the travels with Mrs. Jim.

I don't have anywhere to suggest because it's my GEM who travels (for work) so I've not been away to anywhere that special in a long time. (To me the beach nearby is special but not a place I'd recommend to you that far away.)---Oh, oh, oh, my husband's barber recommends Italy or the French Riveria.
Oh, GEM has been to Australia and so have friends of mine. It was one of the trips he actually was able to sightsee a little even though there for work and said it was FABULOUS!
Hmm, Paris would be nice though maybe too short notice? I'm also a big fan of Dublin.

Sorry for the late visit, I had run away myself this weekend. But thanks for playing 6WS!

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