Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jim Bunch Eats again -- Sunday night / Monday morning funny

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That is a picture of the brunch Mrs. Jim, Karen, and I had Saturday. This is pretty much it. Saturday there weren't any pancakes or waffles, some days there are.

I did have coffee, not in the picture, to drink. Karen had Diet Coke, her standby.

This is picture of our youngest granddaughter, Baby KP. She spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights with us. Karen came after her work on Friday and they both left Saturday at noon.

It was taken in the car seat, just before they left for home. Oh yes, Thursday she was three months and one week old.

[large picture] [extra large]

For seven more NEW pictures and this one again, you can click here.
There are two postings, please look at both.

I knew there's be a "Jim Bunch Eats" post today, I just knew it. Now I have to get up to get something from the fridge. I'm hungry.

Baby KP is adorable!
Your food always looks great.... Baby KP is such a cutie...How does ADI and the baby get along?
The Jim bunch eats well.
Thank you so much for the author's name, Dr Jim =)

It's ok =)
Baby KP is soo too cute:)...
Your brunch looks absolutely yummy and so does your grand-daughter.

Book Review #4 - Drood
That food looked delicious! Did I see bacon on that plate. MMMMMM Bacon! Your granddaughter is adorable.
That food looks good Jim, especially when I'm hungry!

Baby KP is really growing fast and so cute!! I know you both enjoy your time with her!!!
yummy mr. jim...this looks so good.
this morning bernie and i went for breakfast at the donut diner and bernie had two huge pancakes!
no burnt english muffins..just two huge pancakes!
your breakfast looks so much more delicious..i don't LIKE pancakes...huge OR small!

time is going way too quickly mr. jim. that little darling is already pushing one year old!
love terry
awww...the baby looks so adorable and her smile is so cute!
What a sweet, beautiful grand baby... She looks like she's rich in joy. Nice leaf in the post below, too.
Baby KP is a doll baby!!!
I LOVE babies so much.
You've got a darling little one there.
God bless her!!!
I also see that the Jim Bunch continues to eat really goooood food.
Keep it up.

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