Saturday, October 10, 2009

LIG L2P -- Six Word Saturday

Glad I don't live in Chicago
[Click on any picture for larger view]

The weather is COLD up there!! Brrrr!!

Or in the Rockies. There is SNOW over there!!

But what's this? Rain for yesterday and cooler for us
in the Houston, Texas, area for the weekend.
And we are going to a car club picnic (scroll down to Tuesday's post) today!
[Early Ford V-8 Club]

Life in the fast lane
driving in the rain
not my favorite,
beats ice killing grit

And the LIG L2P?
Go here to find out.

The weather man was right . . .
for us, rain and cooler. . . . .

You might like to give this a try.
Here’s how it works – describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
For more information,
ask Cate.
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It is 60 degrees here right now. I am not ready for this weather. I am so ready for spring...
Amen to that!
I envy Chicagoans, but at least we're starting toward something like Autumn.
Yep Jim snow and in the 30's. Not ready for this.
Not much better in New York (and this time I counted right)! Thank goodness you were able to count my words, Jim. Thanks for visiting. :-)
Heehee, I've been busy laughing at my friends out west all week. It's quite nice here in Toronto today, although it's been pretty rainy the last while.
Yeah, being a Northwesterner I'm too wimpy for Chicago weather (usually our rain just gets colder - until the last few years anyway).
We are expecting rain on Monday and everyone is checking roofs, rain gutters etc.
Sometimes ... you know, in Hawaii we never have cool. I am thinking maybe one day in Chicago might be okay. I doubt my thin blood will want to stay longer than that, though!
Never did like Chicago at all
Oh, brr... Our weather is wimpy compared to that. Which is why I moved south.

Thanks for playing 6WS!
ya, tell me about it, the cold 20 degrees froze tomatoes, rockies. snowing right now....
Hi Jim,
I don't like to drive in foul weather either; you're right, though, that driving in the rain is far better than in ice! (I hope I'm at the right place to read your poems.) Yes, I'd like to be added to your blogroll, please. (Please give me time; I'm methodically rebuilding my lost blogroll.)

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