Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mrs. Jim's Lucky Day -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday --

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This in a way isn't good luck. Mrs. Jim has nice friends. Her friend, "Mrs. L", gave her this lovely sack of Louisiana long grain rice that she brought back from her recent visit to the East.

Of course she stopped in at her home town, Crowley, Louisiana, to buy rice for herself and Mrs. Jim. and to see family friends and relatives for a bit. Most every time she goes back to her home town she get more rice. Louisiana people eat a lot of rice. Mrs. Jim did also when she was growing up in Louisiana, her birth state.

Mrs. Jim loves to cook so "Mrs. L" also got her this nice cookbook. Mrs. Jim already has chosen several of those Louisiana recipes from this Southern Cookbook.
Click here to see a lovely basket that she gave Mrs. Jim one other time.

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On the left is the door prize Mrs. Jim got at the subdivision Ladies Organization today. One of the ladies who does pet sitting donated a one day's pet sitting. Now all we need to do is find some place we can go off to. Then the dogs can get sat.

On the right is her favorite magazine. Mrs. Jim is a gourmet cook in my opinion. She really cooks good when the occasion arises. We do not eat gourmet everyday.

If she hasn't gotten here November issue, then this October one may be the last. The company who publishes Gourmet has filed bankruptcy. We are hoping that means they do like General Motors and keep on printing.

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And here is Baby KP, all flaked out after her Baby Dedication at the church yesterday.

Her "Grandma P" got her this little swing.

Baby KP likes it so much that every time she sits in it and swings just a little bit she goes to sleep. That is relaxation!

Please note the pink dress and the little bit of red on the swing toys. I did want you to believe that this picture belongs to the Ruby (Red) Tuesday meme.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there.

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Great photo, the baby is adoarble. Thanks for sharing.
Your adorable granddaughter steals the show from Gourmet Magazine and Mrs. Jim's prize! Though that apple does look good...
What a cutie your granddaughter is!

Mrs. Jim has nice friends!
Hi Jim,
I have to say I remember candy apples from the carnival when I was growing up and this pic has my mouth watering. :)
Baby Kp is such a cutie. I do envy all the time you get to spend with her. Lily and now Lucy love that swing. When Lily was little I used to wish they had an adult version!
I like the thank you sticker. ;)
KP is beautiful, soon she will fill up that swing seat sooner than you think! As for that Doggie Diva, has Adi met her yet?

Mrs. Jim has nice friends and and an even nicer hubby!
Your granddaughter is so adorable. She is the apple of your eyes these days. Your readers will be watching her grow up as we follow your posts. :)
She's adorable and you made my mouth water with that yummy red candied apple ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
May I come over for dinner the next time Mrs. Jim does gourmet? Yummy.

The grandbaby is adorable and I can tell you aren't spoiling her one bit.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Hi Jim,
I enjoyed all of these tidbits and I particularly enjoy hearing how much you love Mrs. Jim and her friends appreciate her. Delightful Ruby Red apple!
Thanks for stopping by. I so enjoy your sense of humor in my comments. I am living up to my renewed goal of posting MUCH more often again, like I used. There's a new post up.
Ok I know I have said it before but it needs to be repeated your granddaughter is so stinkin cute! Can you tell I live in the deep south? :) Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. Everytime I read them I smile. they are so uplifting and encouraging.
All such a wonderful post today Jim. Your granddaughter is sooooooooo darling!!!

Have a great Tuesday.
Sure, she's sleeping. Her sins were remitted.

Yeah, I'm sorry to hear about Gourmet, my grandma used to get it. I heard an interview with the editor. It doesn't sound like they plan to keep printing.
The pretty girl is the winner among them all!

Please take a peek on my first Ruby Tuesday entry. Seeyah!
Hi Jim - I already have all my awards on one post. It's up in my navigation bar under awards. Here's the link:


Big hug. :)
Your granddaughter is adorable!! nice choices for the theme...
Happy RT, mine is here!
dear mr. jim...that big bulky bag of rice doesn't seem fitting to be lying beside that elegant book of southern cooking...what an unlikely pair they make!
the gourmet magazine is a beauty!
and the nicest bit of red in that picture of kp is her ruby red lips!
hope you had a happy ruby tuesday...love terry

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