Saturday, October 31, 2009

-- Six Word Saturday

I will see you on Sunday

That is if we are lucky. This little blog might be is probably another post hole filler. And I probably won't return comment for comment because I am leaving for a bit.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I am out'a here! It is called running away! No, not where this YouTube video shows, that was this January on St. John Island. Hint, I will be wearing University of Nebraska Red on Saturday.

You can hear the waves doing their thing on the beach, listen.
If you want to watch it over at YouTube, click on this link:

While you are there you can watch some of my YouTube others.

This and that:
1. Click here to see why this cartoon made me think of Quilly
2. Trivia Question: What is the ratio of mouse/mice pitures to the cat pictures in Ziggy? Here (click) is a mouse picture.
3. Jim in his younger days (picture)

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Six Word Saturday, Click the box --> to visit Cate's blog with Mr. Linky showing all the other blogs participating this week. Cate runs Six Word Saturday. She would like for you to participate.

I wish to thank everyone last week who came up with ideas on my running away. Where to go or views on travel for me were really appreciated. Thank you.

I said earlier that I wouldn't
run very far. And that Mrs. Jim might come with me. She is.

have fun! enjoy...
Enjoy yourselves, Dr and Mrs Jim =)

Happy Birthday, Dr Jim.
LOL! The cartoons and that last photo were a riot. Have a great time on your little vacation -- and Happy Birthday, too!
You have lots of fun on your Birthday jaunt.

Thursday Thirteen - Fiendish Facts
Happy trails.
Loved the video. Getting my boat ready to launch and we can take a little boat ride. Maybe have lunch during the cruise? What would you and the misses like?

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
have a good time mr. jim!
praying for yours and your sweetheart's safety.
when you can mr.jim you had better listen to the song that little hebrews sung on my comments..
you see you are my official singing telegram man but surely i couldn't hire you to sing for yourself!!...happy trip..bring back lots of pictures and bring back my niece, adi a hot dog..not just the bun either, mr. jim but the whole dog!
adi is an all american dog!!
Jim ~ I'll look for you on TV w/ the wackos in Waco! Have a safe trip! GO BIG RED! ~ jb///
have fun:)...
Enjoy! I read Quilly's blog and enjoyed your cartoon! (I also won "Punny Mon. last Mon!) Her contest is so much fun.

Happy Birthday dear Jim,
Happy Birthday Dear Jim,
Happy Birthday Dear Jim,
Happy Burpday (What my kids would say) to you!
(Be VERY glad you can't hear me sing this. Singing is not one of my talents.)
oh, gee, I BRIEFLY looked at that photo of you in your younger days. Drafty, eh? hehe
Have fun in Waco. I heard that the coaches weren't worried about the team catching the H1N1 flu. They don't think they'll be able to catch that either. And if they do...they'll cough it up right away.
(local humor)
Can't see me I am invisible
Enjoy !!!
I love Cliff's joke. Enjoy the football game!
Dear Jim,
be happy and remain forever young.
I'm glad your Mrs. Jim is traveling with you.
We all feel safer this way!
From Felisol
From the latest post, looks like it was a great day for some football!

Thanks for playing 6WS! And happy birthday apparently!

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