Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is Amber doing?

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It is often hard to even guess what a cat is doing or thinking. We have known Amber for so long that we can read her mind.

Amber is sitting on the couch purring as she has just been caressed lovingly by Billy's nephew.

Not good though, the truth is that Amber is watching TV. The Dallas Cowboys are on their way to losing their game. When she stayed with us (link) at least she had the decency to watch the Houston Texan team if she watched football at all.

When she stayed with Terry in Ontario she would watch Deal or No Deal. She doesn't hardly ever watch that one anymore either.

Please click here for a lot more of Amber on this blog. I will add that Amber is Karen's cat and lives with her and Billy.

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yeh! jim..i don't blame amber for not watching "deal or no deal" anymore. they don't win a million is down to $500,000 and amber told me that there are no more pretty models holding the boxes...they are just ordinary people like her and THAT'S no fun!
but man!! i would not want to be watching football games!
maybe amber is keeping her eyes on the ball, eh mr. jim?
and how come amber gets more attention than my niece adi?
and how come bllly's nephew isn't patting HER?..not nice!
love terry

ps...thanks for your visit mr. jim and i just might be more careful next time when we hide the little red car. we will cover it with branches the next time!..hahahaha
You should participate with Amber in "Cats on Tuesdays" that's a group of cat lovers who write about their cats once a week. The rules are simple and on my blog.

BTW thanks for your comment on My World. We also have these huge Parking houses everywhere, even in Bruges, but outside the town, otherwise it would spoil the beautiful center.
Is Amber old enough to have been heart-broken by the Oilers moving to Tennessee? That could explain it a little.
Amber has very discerning TV tastes.
I can relate to this. We have a dog that we understand completely. I swear she can communicate without saying one word. She doesn't watch television though. Well, we don't have television so that might be why.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)
I don't do cats but the baby dedication sunday pics were great. Karen and family all look very happy. Billy was smiling because he had a tee time for later in the afternoon.
Jim -- Amber watches more TV than I do! It cannot be good for her.
Amber sure does look pretty! She is definitely a TV cat!

Probably a great point was made... Billy was probably smiling so much just thinking that he was getting major brownie points (to be used on golf the entire next weekend) for helping cook lunch, clean the house and baking cookies and a cake for the entire family!
Amber is a beautiful cat. Thanks for pointing me to this post, dear Jim.
Also, she's a smart cat! My Gem is a die-hard Redskins football fan, so the Dallas Cowboys is unmentionable in our household! Oh my, I hope you will understand my laughing at the word verification word "Falic". It should be the word verification for my current post if you changed the spelling to "Phalic" and it's still a ladylike post.
I say Amber is a very lucky cat that will have a good home while moms away. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

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