Sunday, November 29, 2009

Adi said: "We need titles here" -- Sunday night / Monday morning -- Adi can play in the grass

We will run a little contest here. Here are the simple rules:

1. Give each picture a title.

2. Vote for your favorite pose and tell why. (Adi didn't suggest doing this, I did.)

3. After about a week or so I will 'close the contest' and either name the winners or get a vote going.

4. There won't be any tangible prizes.

Photo # 1

Photo # 2

Photo # 3

Photo # 4

I am working on my fourth anniversary post for Tuesday. If anyone has any suggestions, please don't be bashful.

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What? All this work you give us with no prize to boot?

My Best Roadkill Pose
(and I even manage to look a little decomposed)
No prize? What's up with that Jim? Just saying.

Okay, I like number 2.

I'm so bored with all this photo-op stuff.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Hey Mr. Jim, great pictures. I am in a bit of a funk today (see blog). So I have no idea what to title them but I like #4 the best!
number 4....if you had of asked which photo he looks the youngest i would have said also #4
all i can say mr. jim is that it is about time that you gave the star of your four year blog a great post like this!
i like every last one of these pictures..
number four is.
"i'm looking over a four leafed clover".....but adi how in tarnation are you going to FIND it in THAT position???
you lazy little doggie!

for your four year celebration mr. jim, i think that you should put adi,katrin, amber and that pretty little baby in red sweaters playing with a red ball! terry
OK, Title 1

"I suppose you're wondering why I called you all here."

Title 2: Adi can recite the Gettysburg Address.

Title 3: "And I thought the grass over there was nice!"

Title 4: A dog is worth $5 for every time they get all the way over.

And I like photo 4. Willie casts his beagular vote with me.
Thank you all so far, you are doing great. You are welcome to return if you think of a title you like better.
Your last entry counts.

I had 'Ray' in mind when I addressed the prize issue.

And Sandee, I'd have to check for prizes on your blog. I don't remember any.

# 4 is ahead so far. It is fine for your dog to vote. If you don't have one you might 'adopt' on for Christmas.
Like (adopt one) on the NBC Special last night, Christmas was a great acting dog. Mrs. Jim and I both liked him.
keep coming around the mountain when we what I imagine him howling to in pic 2
#1:I'm so sweet - encourage me to play . . .
#2: . . . getting bored here - and tired!
#3:Ooh, you caught me - just having a giggle!
#4: Time to relax - wow!Catch the smell of that grass!!

I like #2 best though it's very hard to choose as Adi's so sweet!
Dear Jim,
I vote for #1.
Can't really tell why.
Maybe the way she's flirting with the photographer. A true model.
No suggestions for titles.
From Felisol

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