Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The little white cloud — MidWeek Blues — all alone here

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I am calling it The Little White Cloud That Cried. That is the name of an old, once very popular song. Its lyrics are posted below.

This little white cloud was the only cloud in our blue Texas sky yesterday afternoon. We were blessed to have it at the end of our street watching over things here. It made us feel real secure.

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The Little White Cloud That Cried
sung by Johnnie Ray

I went walkin' down by the river
Feeling very sad inside
When all at once I saw in the sky
The little white cloud that cried

He told me he was very lonesome
And no one cared if he lived or died
And said sometimes the thunder and lightning
Make all little clouds hide

He said "Have faith in all kinds of weather"
"For the sun will always shine"
"Do your best and always remember"
"The dark clouds pass with time"

He asked if I'd tell all my world
Just how hard those little clouds try
That's how I know I'll always remember
The little white cloud that sat right down and cried
(The little white cloud that cried)

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I feel like it is raining on just one person.

Wordless Wednesday
Dear Jim ~~ Great photo for that Johnnie Ray song. I heard him sing today, "Fernando's Hideaway" which I didn't know he sang, nor did the announcer.
Many, many years ago, my mother took me to a Johnnie Ray concert in Melbourne which we both enjoyed.
Thanks for your comments, and I am glad to let you know that chocolate is a vegetable!! Take great care my friend and don't eat TOO many vegetables. Regards, Merle.
Welcome to the neighborhood, little feller.
Perfect lyrics for this little white cloud. It seems so strange there all by itself, but good for you for snapping the photo lest the poor thing be forgotten. Now we can all enjoy its presence.

I think I like Merle...I read her comment about vegetables. :)

Thanks faithful MWBs poster!

PS I thought of you this morning as I wrote my first poem EVER!!! (Other than school assignments which don't count.) I was inspired to write something for my scrapbook to remember my trip to the Alps. I kinda like it too...for a beginner. :)
Great job on this post Jim.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
What a nifty little cloud in that big blue expansive sky! I'm not familiar with the song. Thanks for sharing the lyric and for dropping by Happily Retired Gal ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
what a sweet cloud
pretty neighborhood Jim
That's some big, beautiful, blue sky. I do see, though, why the little cloud was lonely and cried. It was nice of you to keep it company, Jim.
I loved your comment!!
Now every time I pass that building I will be imagining all sorts of activity going on and I'll be looking for the escapees

in the real world it was an apartment building that stood empty for years
there are shops on the ground floor
they are going to rent once more, the stores have already all been rented

I don't remember the song but I sure did enjoy it

Hugs to KP
Johnnie Ray, the singer who had a hearing problem. Believe it or not this song used to make me cry when I was a very little girl - and it is perfect for your photograph!
oh that poor little cloud in that wide blue sky...i think i hear it singing.

All alone am I ever since your goodbye
All alone with just a beat of my heart
People all around but I don't hear a sound
Just the lonely beating of my heart

poor, poor thing!

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