Saturday, November 14, 2009

Six Word Saturday -- Featuring Adi, my favorite dog

Am I supposed to know you?

Adi's Meme

Six Word Saturday, Click the box --> to visit Cate's blog with Mr. Linky showing all the other blogs participating this week. Cate runs Six Word Saturday. She would like for you to participate.

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Ha! You could have added this post to Weekend Reflections and Critter shots! Adi doesn't look like she wants to let you back in the car.
What a cute dog! Happy 6WS Mr. Jim!
You may not know me,
but that’s OK, I like you
what more can I say?

My Six Words
A very cute puppy with loads of attitude.

Long Overdue
Adi can describe her life with just a stare.
no. i'm new to your blog.
Ha ha it looks like that's what she's thinking!
Aww, so cute. We just got a new dog this week and I posted a very similar pic.
Jim, I loved reading about Adi and seeing more pictures at Adi's meme. You guys look like a great team!
Oh yeah, I think you should stay away... stay far far away.
That is priceless!
As you have sun and warmth all I can say (sing) is 'Oh Lucky Jim, how I envy him . . . ' ;-)
oh i just came to ask you a favour mr. jim and how you have made my day!
what a lovely lovely sight to greet my darling niece adi!!
thank you so much and trust me i do know the gal and she knows ME!!!!! terry

now mr. is the favour i want of you...could you please go to my blog and sing happy birthday to your pops golden?
i want to show him my post tomorrow...maybe i will even print it out for him.
i am going to finish the rest of the story now because i was way too tired to do it yesterday....thanks mr.jim and give adi a hug from me... a real tight one!! terry

oh mr. jim...i just love magical mystical teacher...she always has such nice poetry for us and she always hits the nail right on the head!!
dear mr. jim...thank you for taking the time to sing and leave such a sweet comment for dad "pop" terry
juat sitting around, can't start a brand new blog, just keep adding on and on and on my old,,, some kind of a block, but not writers cause i write and write just don.t staart a new blog...i wondder why i do that, any reasons you could think of jim?????
Such a patient puppy! I'm SO sorry I'm this late getting around. I totally flaked this week. Thanks for participating in 6WS!

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