Saturday, December 19, 2009

I would like to thank Terry's blog today. It tells wonderful things about me. I am sure I don't deserve every nice word she has said. THANK YOU, TERRY. Go read it if you'd like. She is a very nice, hard working lady, full of encouragement. Example: never forgeting special things, like birthdays, that she has picked up on.

dear mr. jim...every single word was true and you deserve so much credit for all of the encouragement you have given to bernie and me. we really appreciate it!
it was not hard was fun work!!
we are still not even because you have sung so many happy birthday songs for our friends and i really do believe that your voice is finally improving...ha! terry
What a nice thing for Terry to do indeed. She has you figured out quite nicely.

Have a terrific day. Another big hug. :)
I agree, Terry,
Jim deserves every nice thing that can be said or done for him.
He's a rare flower in our Lord's garden.
Very huggable indeed.
Someday, not too far away, we'll all meet in that garden whee there are no pains or sorrows.
That'll be one big celebration.
From Felisol
What an incredible tribute. Terry went to a lot of work to put that together for you. You have collected some pretty cool friends in blogland! Happy Anniversary, Jim - -and many happy more!
She did a great tribute to you Jim.

Congratulations on your blog anniversary!

I have to agree that you and Mrs. Jim are both sweet kind folks!

I loved your pictures from your walk in the previous post. Adi is so cute and I know she enjoys these walks. I hope you have her Christmas treats all wrapped and under the tree!! :)

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