Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Restaurant closing — MidWeek Blues — Tavern on the Green



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Why would anyone want to leave Texas anyway? We have the best chicken fried steak and fried catfish in the world right here in Montgomery. Come visit and we will go to this little cafe, the Heritage House! The shrimp equals or betters that was eaten at the Tavern on the Green too.

The main thing the Tavern on the Green had going for it was its location, right in Central Park. That location will help be a factor in it's appraisal at $19,000,000!
BTW, I've only eaten there once, with Karen when she ran the 2003 NYC Marathon.

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Seated above, left to right, is my BIL Jim W, sister Lois, and Mrs. Jim


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I have to agree. The closing of a great restaurant in New York is a pretty mild regret for me too.
I never thought Tavern had very great food but OHHHHHH, it was so pretty
the white lights in the trees and the horses going by and the bar was a friendly place

personally I like low key diners :)

this is a great shot of a colorful table with colorful people seated :)

I am 'Nana' - I wanted to honor my Nana by carrying it on
everyone else has always been Gram or Grandma
my son used to call my Mom Gammy
I'd rather come to Texas and share a meal with you and yours at Heritage House than ever go to New York. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Somehow I doubt the closing of the Tavern on the Green is going to affect my life much. ;)

It seems to me that food must be your love language. You are very keen on showing family meals. There always seems to be good food here.
Exactly what is Chicken Fried Steak? It sounds like an oxymoron to me, but then I am a northerner. (But NOT a city gal - so forget NY! Never been to the Tavern on the Green anyway.)
Well, too bad it's closing. I've never been there and now I've missed my chance! Oh well. :)

That food there looks very tasty Jim! You all do eat well, no doubt about that!

Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year 2010, Dr and Mrs Jim =)

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