Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ain't she cute! — Six Word Saturday — Grandkid picture

I haven't posted our youngest lately

[Click on a picture to see it larger]

So here are a couple taken with Karen's cell phone.

KP really likes her new toy. It allows her to stand up or, I think, sit down. She has been getting restless lately and the Kids decided to let her be more active.

I will probably see it tomorrow. I hope it has music, she loves music. The "Can Can Song" is her favorite.

This is how tall she is. Billy is supporting her, she isn't quite old enough to stand and/or balance that good yet. We think she will be tall, Billy is over six feet.

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Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
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Latest update: Karen (Mommy) said KP has a dimple.
It doesn't show in these pictures. I will check tomorrow!

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The youngest stands tall
even though she’s still quite small
and needs some support!

Them’s Not Fightin’ Words, but Snowin’ Words!
Such a cutie !!! Happy 6WS
Dimple. Check.
Karen and Billys baby is a cute little one. Wow, it seems she is growing fast.
SO CUTE!!!!! She's adorable Jim!! Happy 6WS!!
~such a sweetpea...embrace her and your time together...nothing quite like the presence of little ones...brightest blessings~
She's a sweetie! I miss that age...
she is so very cute I have a lil princess for a granddaughter as well I love to post pictures of her on my blog as well
Well it was about time then!

A six word response from the
Adorable little munchkin (even if she IS so tall).

Thanks for playing 6WS!
She is a cutie! Her smile is contagious.
Adorable!! Reminds me of mine when they were that age. Happy Saturday.
She is SO adorable!!!
you are not old enought\to have so many grands
Isn't she delightful!
that is a cool play thingie
KP is adorable

I love the little bit of frill on the bottom of her pants

Hope sends hugs
oh boy! she is already trying to stand?...just you wait until she is running all over the place mr. jim. you will have to be in good shape to catch her!!! terry
Yes ... she's absolutely ADORABLE ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

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