Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elevator adventure -- Sunday night / Monday morning -- This and that

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Karen, our daughter .......
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Stuck between floors;
..... what is a Dad to say

Got this text message
from our daughter.
"KP and I are stuck
on the elevator at BP's school.
The Fire Marshall is coming."


Baby KP asleep in elevator

So what is a Dad to say?
"I fed KP a bottle
and we are staying calm.
I hear them
(Fire Marshall?)."

Momma said
"This is terrible, poor baby."
So what is a Dad to Say?

Dad, the retired professor
spoke in some riddles.
About blowing the curve
and how many have been stuck
there before.

BP practicing for her performance

What is a Dad to say?
About being the norm or to excel
and extolling about our BP,
grandchild who is so smart,
waiting at bottom of the stair.

This doesn't fit the model
of book learning I've been taught.
I am afraid the curve has broken,
what is a Dad to say?
Momma Karen and KP .

"We are out!" and Momma said
"Praise the Lord!"
What is a Dad to say?
Momma said it best.

Poem and photos
Copyright © 2010 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved


Note: This elevator ordeal lasted 36 minutes Saturday. Karen was calm all the time. So was KP after having her bottle. The firemen had to pry the doors open and lift KP and her stroller out. Then they helped Karen up and out.

They say this happened in Houston:
A policeman had a perfect spot to watch for speeders but wasn't getting many.
Then he discovered the problem. A youngster was up the road holding a sign, "RADAR AHEAD."
The cop a little then found his accomplice down the street with a sign, "TIPS." He had a bunch of money in his bucket.

Men's Tip of the Month:
The way to having a perfect marriage is to always say, "yes Dear" and "you are right."

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Sissy said...
Have just read this post - the first; more later. Its bedtime for me. Just wanted to say: gosh, you are really old. I hope I can be typing still if I am lucky enough to live this long. Wow, I am just thoroughly amazed!

p removed the first comment - sp mistakes
Glad your daughter and grand daughter made it out of the elevator none the worse for wear.
That's a long time to be stuck in an elevator. Not much you can do but wait for help though. Looks like she took care of business nicely.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
I don't know if I could be so calm being stuck in an elevator. Yikes! The claustrophobic might set in and I'd have to make a door!! I might be okay if I went not alone though. I just pray I never get stuck!

I'm so glad your artery stent went well Jim. That is great news. You take care of yourself! Calzone looks yummy too!!
Lots of patience you have. Your daughter and grand daughter are so cute! :)

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Dear Jim ~~ glad your op went well and also Karen and little KP got out safely. A scary experience but your daughter did very well.
I am so glad you liked the story of Jasmine, she was a remarkable dog.
I went to see my doctor today and as I expected said the swelling of my feet etc was due to my heart or my kidneys or both. He has increased the dose of one tablet and I had blood tests so see if I need more help.I am trying to be calm and not worry too much, but will keep in touch with the Dr.
January and February are the hottest months in Victoria. The Gold Coast where most tourists go is better, but humid. Take care,
Regards, Merle.
Nice poem from a rotten predicament. That's making lemonade.
Hi Jim--
Glad your surgery went so well! Yeah!

This was fun to read--your daughter has a lot of gracefulness about her! Adventures like this set the stage for a life of fearlessness for that little one.

BP sounds so interesting...!
I was stuck in an elevator once with my elderly mother. When it finally moved in the direction of a floor, the door opened when we weren't quite there yet. Mom and I had to climb up and times!
Rabbit, Rabbit

I've never been stuck on an elevator. I don't think I want to be, either.

Your family is beautiful.
Hey there Jim. I have no idea what happened. somehow I have changed my settings and tonight found a comment you posted to my blog and also one from Putz, both requesting I either publish or delete them. so I clicked publish on both BUT yours just disappeared and now I don't know what you said. Don't you have email for comments like this one I'm doing right now. BTW, I was really teasing you about your age listed. I tease an awful lot - BUT I can be very serious too. My email is listed in my blog.
Glad the elevator ordeal wasn't too bad and Karen and the baby were rescued... As mama said, "Thank the Lord."
I love your men's tip of the month. I have often joked with my wife about those very things. She agrees.

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