Saturday, February 06, 2010

Quite night at the sports bar — Six Word Saturday — The food wasn't so good either

The TVs are all so high!
[my six words]

[large picture] [extra large]
It seems that even the ones in the restrooms are high as well.
I took my menu in there to read in the light..
[large picture] [extra large]

Do you think they could sell more food if the TVs were lower?

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Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
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Wow....TVs in the bathrooms....LOL...that cracks me up!
Considering where the TV is in the men's room, lowering it could be a shocking experience. It is too bad the food wasn't better. Our favorite sports bar in Hawaii Kai had great food. I tried to get Thom to break a Bacon Blues Burger when he came to visit but he wouldn't do it.
Now I've seen everything...a TV in a restroom? Good golly. I guess they are so high so nobody can mess with them.
I wrote a haiku for you (senryu, actually), using a word that rhymes with "miss," but I thought you (and your readers) might take offense, so, I'm sorry to say, I'm not posting it here in the comments!
TV in the bathroom is a brilliant idea for people with full bladders worried about missing a play. But they need to put individual ones in front of the urinals, not one big one in the corner. I bet there are puddles to the right of each urinal.
At first, I thought you were talking about the cost...but ya, now that I saw all your photos and your explanation....I can say, you're so right on.

Happy Saturday Jim. And thanks for stopping by my very first 6WS!!!
Why do they do that? We went to BW3 last night and same thing - neck cramps from the viewing.
~do people really need a tv that badly everywhere they wouldn't hurt to take a breather just for a moment...uugghh...never seen such a sight...thanks for sharing...i hope all is well and brightest blessings~
Some places around here have TVs in the mirrors in the restrooms...not to high, but a little disturbing, I hope your knee is doing well.
TV's in the bathroom interesting!
if the TVs were lower there would be endless arguements about people getting in the way of a crucial play

I love the TVs in the bathroom!! talk about not missing a moment of the game
Hey Jim! Wow, what's the point of having the TV over your head??

Sorry that my MP3 gave you troubles - shouldn't have done that. Glad you enjoyed the song though :)
If they lower the TV's your mouth would be closer to your food.

Characters from Sean the Vampire
'I really need to get outside today'

my six word contribution

and ... btw my secret medicine did the trick ;)
Yeah, I've actually seen the TV's in the bathrooms, and I'm a girl. It was at ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney. My only question was, the tv's had sports on them and thought to myself, do that many women out there enjoy sports enough to put TV's in the bathroom???? Personally, I would rather read a!!

Happy 6WS!!
TV's in the restroom! lol
I'm thinking they wouldn't sell any more food if they lowered the TV'
I have never heard of a TV in a bathroom. I think that's going overboard!!
TVs in the I've seen it all.
I see your still up to your funny business. LOL!! Just dropped in to say "HI" to some of my blogging friends. I've been spending a lot of time on facebook since I started working full time last summer. Pray all is well with you and Mrs. Jim.
As a relatively short girl, I hate when tvs are so high I have to strain my neck to see them. Tv in the bathroom though? Interesting idea. Though I'd probably never see my husband again.

Thanks for playing 6WS!

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