Saturday, March 20, 2010

New grandchild picture — Six Word Saturday — June Bug srikes again!

My six words: "What in the world is this?"

but first, another grandchild picture:

[large picture] [extra large]

By now most of you readers know KP, our grandbaby KP. Here she is all ready for a taking a walk with her mother, Karen. This was not taken at the beginning of their eight plus mile walk. No, it was in the middle. Karen said she was still smiling at the end too!

Their destination was four plus miles away. When they reached this place they refreshed and headed back. Since this is Spring break, KP took a break day from her nursery school and Karen took a break from her work. It all was for a fun day in the Texas sun.

[large picture] [extra large]

It's a June Bug!

No, it's March Bug!

For all my wanna be June bugs please go here.

[large picture] [extra large] [large picture] [extra large]

It beats me what in the world this thing is. If you know, please tell me in your comment. The white lead has plugs on both end so I do know it is electrical.

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I was gonna joke it's an electric shrimp.
Your grand- daughter is adorable and that fish looking thing is a pool vacuum.
what a gorgeous grand, we have one too, maggie- 14 months old, too sweet.
Beautiful little girl!
I think quilly is correct and I'd add that it is rechargeable. (Well, you certainly wouldn't want to immerse something connected to the electricity!)
Swimming pools( well at least a cleaner) and grandchildren - the joy never ends Random Twitter Stories.
KP is adorable in her Springtime smile and hat.

I think Quilly got the right answer.

I thought it was some petrified fossil of a dino fish.

1st Day of Spring!
It's an i-fish - my daughter has one. It's an interactive speaker for an iPod :D They have a bunch of different ones, and you can link them all up and watch them move and light up to the music.

KP is a doll!
Your grand daughter looks SO ADORABLE. I have a grand nephew too. Don't you just love kids or rather babies?

I do not know what that large bug is , vacuum cleaner? Cannot be a massager right? lol

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Happy Saturday!


~mornin jim...who could resist not putting up a picture of one oh so sweet...her smile fills my heart! as for your little gadget never seen the likes of one...good luck and brightest blessings to you and yours~
Baby KP is so cute and looks like she is enjoying that walk (push) very much! She sure is growing fast and getting cuter all the time!!

I have no idea what that contraption is. Strange looking, to say the least!
I think it's a robot porpoise preparing for an enema. What? Who says robots don't get constipated?-- especially the porpoise variety.


P.S. Adorable, little grandbuddy!

P.S. And who was it that said "Variety is the spice of life?" (<-- Sorry. Somehow, I thought that fit in.)
Cutie pie alert! I want a grandbaby in the worst way but my sons are not cooperating. Blah. As for the gadget -- it looks like it plugs into a computer. An electronic toy of some kind?
Aren't grandbabies "grand"? Yours is a real cutie! As for the fish looking gadget, I haven't a clue what it is...
a robot fish!! how cool ;)

I love KP's hat, she's so stylish
Your granddaughter is ADORABLE!
Look at it closely Jim, it's health care. No one one what it looks like or what it will do.
Jim, your grand-daughter is really cute! I like the picture a lot.

I believe the picture is some kind of "fish" speaker to plug into the computer. The mini-plug that shows up in one of the pictures is a 1/8" stereo mini-plug. It could hook to a computer or MP3 player. The whole thing looks something like this:

or this:
Your grandchild is so adorable!
That is a whale vacuum, I'm guessing.
If not attached correctly, water spurts out of the top hole and drenches you.
Baby KP is a keeper for sure. Though I'd be tempted to steal that hat for my own noggin.

It seems the others have already figured out your fish-dilemma. Even not knowing what it was, I wanted to add it to my stash of unidentified crap. What? Everyone needs a collection of something!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

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