Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not my favorite vehicles — MidWeek Blues

My favorite cars are generally Fords (I have three, a 1960 Tudor Deluxe, a 1974 Mustang II Ghia, and a 1998 Mustang GT Convertible) although our family car is a General Motors. And they have been since 1990.
My twin sons had Chevy Cameros while they were in high school. Their first car was a shared 1962 VW Bug with a nice fold up sun roof. It was a nice car that was my only car while I was single. Unfortunately the engine blew.

They both had good jobs with an ice cream store making them able to finance and make payments on the Cameros. Mitch had a gold 1969 Z-28 similar to the one on my calendar. Mike's was a 1968 RS painted like this one. They were both good cars and so they kept until their college years.

I do like my NAPA Calendars. I have most of them dating back to the 1970's. NAPA is a good auto parts store here in Texas. They are nation wide, you may have one in your town.

Our NAPA is better than most auto parts stores as they have a machine shop to rebore engine blocks and bearing ports as well as plane heads and grind crankshafts. They will even pull gears off your shaft if you don't have a puller.

This four wheeler belongs to our friend Don who keeps it at his ranch. Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class had a very enjoyable picnic there a couple of weeks ago.

I have never ridden a four-wheeler but I did ride a three wheeler. They are a lot of fun but living here we would have to trailer it out of the subdivsion to find a place to ride. Deed restriction prohibit their use here were we live.

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I have always been a fan of NAPA Auto Parts Stores. I have never had the guys talk down to me or act like they think I shouldn't be there. And once when I had trouble getting my windsheild wiper on my car, the guy came outside (he saw me through the window) and did it for me without being asked, and he wouldn't take a tip.
Do you really need 3 cars? I will take the Mustang GT off your hands for ya. :)
Don't see them around very often these days. It's a beauty.

Thanks for playing along. Good to 'see' you again.
Love all the cars. I met my husband because he had a '53 Mercury--lookin' good. MB
I've never seen a NAPA with a machine shop. That's brilliant.
Hubby wants a retro Challenger. He really, really wants one of those. I keep telling him to go buy one, but he never does.

Have a terrific day. :)
when I was in HS I dated a boy with a Camaro
He was almost as cool as his car LOL
Blue, huh? Sounds interesting. O enjoyed reading about your golf outing, too. I've been trying to catch up.
I love those boyfriend and future and now ex-husband had one when we were in college, a 1969 one, brand new. We should have never sold that car.
We love our napa store. Remember Harold Nelson started it at the end of his Studebaker dealership?
Shamburgs have run it for many, many years and they are very successful at it.
I've always had ford pickups. I have a Chevy now, my second, they ride nice but aren't nearly as tough as a Ford but I don't use my pickup much for work or towing big tanks so the chevy works ok as a road machine.
Hi Jim! You don't need a 4 wheeler there since you can ride the golf cart! I have ridden 4 wheelers and they are fun, and faster than golf carts.

Love all your old cars!
blue is my favourite colour mr. jim and this car is a real dandy!
mr.jim, i have never been on a three wheeler either but five times i was on a two wheeler on the back seat of bernie's goldwing motorcycle heading out to my beloved manitoba and right through sask, alberta and to the bc mountains.
i am old now but the freedom of riding on a motorcycle with the fresh air blosing in your face and the smell of the earth, and the wheat fields and the flowers...just so awesome and it never leaves your matter how frail in body we are getting!
love terry
YOU WOULD JUST LOVE MY TONY{EXCEPT FOR HIS TEMPER} HE HAS MOTROS OF ALL KINDS, A BRONCO, MORTORcycles, four wheelers, dunebuggies, old truck, big desil rig to pull his motor home which is oversized>>>i explained my coma to everyone jim, you know about 10 years ago 29 hours out of consciecness, hospital, bolld sugar 950>>.now i don't go to doctors for my diabetis and probably will end up back falling into the doctor's arms again>>>take care of yourself jim, even if i don't
Hi Jim ~~ Nice car and calendar and
they sound like a great firm too.
I think 4 wheeler bikes are safer than 3 wheeler ones, it seems.
I am glad you enjoyed the I Believes
and they were good.
Take care, my friend, Regards, Merle.
Hi Dr & Mrs Jim =) Hope all is well with you too. Thank you very much for checking on my blog.
Those cars, back in the 60's, had some real style....

NAPA is a great auto parts store....

A friend of ours recently had to fly to Colorado to see their son who had fallen off one of those 4 wheelers and broke his neck.... Thank God he is going to be alright....
i like your blog! check mine out:

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