Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Reunion — Ruby (Red) Tuesday

The Reunion:

Our daughter, Karen, was stranded in London last week. She went for a work project and was supposed to come home a week ago, Saturday, April 17. Due to the volcanic action in Iceland she could not leave.

Finally when flights resumed, she was fortunate to get a flight home last Friday, April 23.

We were all hoping on hopes that KP would still know her mother. She sure did know Momma Karen and welcomed her home with a BIG SMILE. She was still smiling for this picture. KP loves her mum.

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The skies usually clear. Glad she got home safe and sound.
Awww...what a nice reunion indeed. I'm glad Karen got home safe.

Have a terrific day and week ahead. Big hug. :)
How devastating the delay must have been for Karen, and what a relief for them both to come home to all those smiles and cuddles.

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Sorry we didn't meet but she must have been happy with the people she was working with. Am so glad she is ok and homw safe with her adorable daughter. Love to allx lynda
ps love the image and happy Ruby Tuesdayxlynda
She recognizes mom, and shows how happy mom's return truly is. Home at last is wonderful!
I would have been totally shocked if the baby hadn't known her mother and am not at all surprised that she did.
I can only imagine how hard it must have been for Karen to not be able to get back to her little one!
Awww look at that sweet smile on KP'as face.. Glad Karen got home safely!

Time Well Spent
What a precious photo. Glad she got home OK. Happy Ruby Tuesday. Here's mine.
So glad she finally got home. What a great lens capture to have. I would cherish that moment, they grow up fast.
My Ruby Link for you
Hi Jim ~~ What a beautiful photo of
Karen and KP - really a treasure to keep. Sorry Karen got caught up in the planes being grounded.
Thanks for your comments and I have googled the aneurysm too for info. Glad you got a stent put in your abdominal aneurysm. They assure me, it's nothing these days. I'll wait on the advice of specialist.Glad you liked the Lesbian cowboy and Every day is a special occasion.Good luck when you get to your retardment and be nice to the man on the gate.
Take care Jim, Regards, Merle.
I'm glad Karen got home safe and sound
KP gets more beautiful every photo

Hope sends hugs
That must have been torture for her to be stranded!!

:::PUNCH!!::: Red One!! You've been warned...be alert...commercial, straight ahead. [In other words, mine's posted]
The smile on KP's face says it all...
Awwww.... two beauties. Glad Karen made it home safe.
awwww what a cutie! glad to know she was able to make it, safe and sound!

u may view mine too here
oooohhhh gezzzzz mom and daughter separated>>>>i had a free trip to israel on weds. last {i am sure offered because i couldn't ge thre} just as a crrot in fron't of my nose for future stuff, but no way to use it and if i went around it would havwe cost me four times the amount as the free ticket>>>p.s my daughter's name is karen>>>you know us old timesers named our duaghters karen , but that name has stoped being poular>>>.when we old geeezers die maybe that name will disapper
Oh that smile is priceless! So glad she got home.
Ahhh...I'm sure they both missed each other very much! I'm glad she got home okay. KP is sure growing so fast!

Looks like you have been having fun with the golfing and getting to visit the ranch and take scenic rides! The flowers are lovely and so is Adi!

I like how you are using Saltine and Moist and Meaty boxes to file things in!!
Glad she made it home. What a deal.
oh wow mr. jim...i haven't been here for a bit and didn't realize this about your daughter..what a worrying time this must have been for you and mrs. jim and the whole family.
these two girls in the picture really look happy!
i am glad that god was there right beside karen all the way!
so nice for bp too that her momma is home!...love terry

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