Saturday, June 05, 2010

A drive — Six Word Saturday — ending?

Do I take too many pictures?

That may be. Some say that I do. Here are a few of my 'driving pictures.' You can figure out what I was thinking and when I stopped taking the pictures. If you can't then my comments may have to do.
Left -- I liked the white clouds.
(click on them for larger size)
Right -- We call these guys 'turtles.' Why?

I'd like to have a motorcycle. It wouldn't be orange.
Right -- Got stopped at the light.
Our freeway is doubling in lanes, from six to twelve.
This is the one that got plugged with the Hurricane Ike evacuation (Sep 2008).
People died here because of the heat, just sitting in their stopped cars.

Left -- I'm at the drive thru lane at McDonalds.
Center -- I parked at the lake by the McDonalds/Shell marina pump.
Right -- I could have eaten in one of the shelters.
But why, I had the top down on my Mustang?

Have a nice day. I didn't take any more pictures after I ate my McDouble and took my meds with the free water I got.

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Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
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Six words (plus one) for you: No such thing as too many pictures!

Six Words about Insomnia
Great clouds in that first shot...Happy SWS! :)
6 words for you: You never know what you'll capture!
My six: Great Pictures And All That Driving!

My six word response:

I love your blog photos Jim!!!

Here's mine...hope you can stop by to visit with me today if you can.
these are absolutely elegant photo images.

stay cool,
u rock!
So, the meds are for obsessive picture taking?
Did you stop taking pictures after eating Micky D's because you took a nap? Or was it because your fingers were messy?

We are turtles.
~i can never have one to many pictures that capture moments throughout your day....warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Keep taking pictures, Jim, and keep sharing them.
those are all great pictures! thanks for sharing them with us.
I thought I liked to take have me beat! Twelve lane freeway? Woah! Our little town only has two redlights...but we do have a McDonalds! LOL
Nah, never too many pictures! If it makes you happy, why not? It's your blog, right?? :)
I like pictures. I don't have to read them! ;)
Pics are good Jim. the turtle must be the shell on the head.
Do you wear sunscreen when you have the top down.
i hardley have any pictures and the last three i put on were scary according to most of my commenters>>>i like your "milk toast" pictures of notheing that histerical or disturbing
mr. can never take too many pictures!
last year when we drove out west, i came back with about 3000 pictures and there were very little that i had to delete.
i love "traveling" pictures but most of all i love "people" pictures!
keep taking those pictures mr. jim and keep downloading them for us to see! terry

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