Saturday, July 03, 2010

A great Danish — Six Word Saturday — and it's not pastry

I loved eating this Danish Stjerneskud

It was an open faced sandwich I had this Wednesday at the nice little restaurant just north of Copenhagen, Denmark at the Strandmollekroen.

The technicalities:
One smorstegt og one dampet rod spaettefilet, kaviar, rod dressing, asparages og citron.
In English:
One fried and one steamed fillet of plaice with shrimps, cavia, romaladon dressing, asparagus and lemon.
To make it an open faced it also had lettuce and tomato, and was sitting on a piece of toasted Danish bread.

It was absolutely delicious!

I appreciate your comments very much. Since we are on holiday please expect only limited return of those comments.

Please do comment as they are like letters from home to us!

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Yum! Even though I had a delicious dinner tonight, I am thinking this looks good enough to eat1 ;)
don't forget to go down and see the little mermaid
Oh that looks really good. Now I'm hungry. Just enjoy every minute as I know you and Mrs. Jim are.

Happy Independence Day too. Big hug. :)
dear mr. jim..felisol would really love this dish!
the girl is addicted to shrimps.

mr. jim it is mom ljung's birthday today..i know that you are far from home and your comments have to be limited but i was hoping that you could sing happy birthday to norweigan..ha!
have a great terry
Jim did you visit the Hard Rock Cafe while you were in Copenhagen? It is located next to Tivoli Gardens. One last thing did you share the shrimp with Mrs Jim?
Hello Jim ~~ It sounds like you are having a great time with lots of nice things to eat and also to see.
Thanks for your comments, and happily we have had 1 month of winter
only 2 to go. Nothing much grows in winter, so will be good to see Spring come along. Glad you liked the designated decoy joke and Artie chokes 2 for a dollar at Woolworths.
We get some good ones at times. I
posted one you sent me in my last post. Continue to enjoy your holiday with Mrs,Jim and Karen and
we will "see" you when you get back to us. Regards, Merle.
Sounds good! Hapy Independence Day, Brother Jim.
Saw the Hardrock, it is a lot quieter than the one in Houston!

It was good enough to eat two!

Mrs. Jim had salmon on her open faced sandwich.

The Little Merimaid is presently on loan to China. All I have is a picture of a plate with her on it.

Merle, there are a lot of Aussies and people from New Zealand on this ship!
Oh YUM, lucky you. I'm jealous.
I used to live 5 minutes from a Danish restaurant some 30 years ago but never went. Perhaps that why it closed! The dog's back Saturday
thank you mr. are a faithful friend.
i heard you singing in norway for mom ljung all the way to ontario, canada.
your voice seems to be improving!
it must of been the ocean air!
love terry
What fun! That is a beautiful sandwich!
Jim you are having so much fun and get to visit so many places!! The food looks delicious, but I'd never be able to read that sign!!

Oh boy does that dish look good!
howdyJim, Mrs.Jim,

hope ya are have a good time!

guess what I had coconut shrimp, today, myself :) good stuff!

behave yourself ;)
My mother and I thank you for your song. That Terry makes things swing, doesn't she?
Open sandwiches is the way the Scandinavians eat their bread.
Ordinarily with cheese, ham or jam for breakfast.
They are called smoerrebroed; meaning butter bread.
My brother in law is an expert on making shrimp sandwiches. Serina once ate 10!!!!
We have just returned from a midnight photo safari. I believe St. Petersburg also has blond nights.
Hope you are enjoying yourselves.
happy fourth of july mr. and mrs.jim...what is adi going to do without you, eh?
don't forget, even though you are in a far country,,that you are AMERICAN!!! terry

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