Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hello from the Baltic — MidWeek Blues —

Who are these people sitting among the blue stuff?

It’s Mrs. Jim and Jim playing Canasta on their cruise. The ship is docked at St. Petersburg, Russia.

Yesterday we went ashore to see the Peterhof Castle. That was a really nice visit; all was pretty inside. Only problem was that ‘no photos allowed’ was the rule of the day.

Outside was different and we could take all the pictures we wanted. Here is one of the Peterhof Castle with the fountains turned on.

We visited St. Petersburg a few years ago but skipped the Peterhof because in October when we came the fountains are off for winter.

On the way back we saw more of the St. Petersburg sites. My favorite was this freedom gate to commemorate the Russian defeat of Napoleon. About second are the many beautiful old church buildings. A lot have gold domed roofs.

During the communist regime most churches were converted into museums. Now most are used for church services and activities.

Overheard in more than one cabin: “Now are our feet pointed forward or towards the back of the ship?”

This white church is a Lutheran church located in Helsinki, Finland. It is beautiful and also very active. Mrs. Jim and I had a snack with the ladies in the basement.

Another commonly heard conversation: “Should we eat breakfast at the buffet or in the dining room? I opt for the buffet because we have a larger selection.” “No, I prefer the dining room because I like to have people bring me my food.”

And one at the diner table: “You were wearing a straw hat yesterday on the tram, were you not?”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“I was wondering if you ever got to where you wanted to go.”

“Oh, that was you we were riding with. We did. Thank you a lot for helping us figure out that figure eight system the have.”

This couple got off every time from the ‘3B’ tram when it got to where they got on. Had they stayed on they would have seen it switch to ‘3T’ and complete the other loop that they could not get to.

We are having fun and seeing a lot of new and different country. Also we are meeting new friends by the dozens.

I appreciate your comments very much. Since we are on holiday please expect only limited return of those comments.

Please do comment as they are like letters from home to us!
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Spectacular. I don't know if it's intentional, but having the Freedom Gate look so much like Napoleon's Arch of Triumph strikes me as mischievous.
Looks like you are having a wonderful time. St. Petersburg Castle looks amazing. Hope I get to see it sometime. Enjoy your trip! Take lots of photos.
This looks lie a lot of fun; did you go to the Hermitage? It's one great art museum I have not been to.
What a fun trip. I would love to see Russia someday. I'll see it though your eyes for now.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Love that castle Jim!
You and Mrs. Jim sure look like you are having a great time.Surrounded by blues but not suffering from them I bet.
Enjoy and stay safe.
What a fabulous trip you are taking. Russia is a destination I would love to reach, someday. St. Petersburg Castle would be something special to visit. Enjoy and be safe!
I would love to visit St. Petersburg! My neighbour comes from that city and his parents still live there. Cool!
Oh what fun Jim!! Makes me wish I was there! Everything looks so very beautiful. I love those old buildings! Love the castle picture!

Keep on having fun and sharing with us when you can!!
I love when you take us on your photo tours. Have a great time!
What a way to go! I love your assortment of blues.
What beautiful photographs. Obviously you and Mrs Jim are having a whale of a time :-)
The buffet--you can see what you are getting--of course, you could do both! Be sure to get the ice cream & pizza. See you got a new blue Princess bag, too. Louie
Mrs Jim looks regal in the state room!!
I love each and every photo
I'm so happy that you're having a good trip
the churches and scenery is beautiful!! love the first shot for a silhouette shot.
So lucky. Russia has been my ultimate dream vacation since I was 10 years old. It is by FAR #1 on the list of places I want to visit.
What a great trip! I wish I were there.
The blues are for thosse of us left behind. What a wonderful trip and your pictures are great. No pics of the buffet?
Great pictures.

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