Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm pretty busy right now.
1. Preparing to teach the Sunday school lesson tomorrow.
2. Had to go to Louisiana for Adi Wednesday and Thursday.
3. Friday went to Pasadena to get Katrin.
4. Had supper at Pappa's Burgers with Tim and Megan (son and GDaugter) I split a hamburger and chocolate milk shake. Also had brought a slice of no-fat American cheese. No one wanted to share that.
5. Am missing Mrs. Jim. She has stayed in London to be Granny Nanny until August 4.
6. Have three loads of wash leftover from the holiday and cruise.
7. Our main car has a dead battery. I will mess with that Monday or however long is needed.
8. Poor little Mustang wasn't ready for all this driving. Tim showed me a worn tire caused by alignment and I have another that wears because it is the one that always spins if I take off too hard. I.e. need a couple of new tires and an alignment SOON.
9. Changed over a myriad of doctor appointments and made some others. Those doctors are what keep old people alive. Bless them and Medicare.
10. Amber, Karen's cat is doing fine. She needs some TLC; tomorrow I might read the Sunday paper with her.
11. Water out of the facet is blue or turns blue.

12. There's more but all this has surely bored you.
21. In other words I'm not posting much. When I do it will be mostly writing stuff on Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place (link).

Welcome back, partner. And don't worry, I'm pretty sure everyone comes home to busy.
Even though so much, take it slow and don't wear yourself out. Wish some things were smoother and glad others give you pleasure. Also glad you still have such a lot of energy! That's nice that Mrs. Jim stayed on, but I know what you mean about missing your honey. Mine traveled up to 2 wks/month for the past several years until a couple of months ago. It is SO NICE TO HAVE HIM HOME. In fact, I'm not used to it yet. (We're not retired for many many more years yet, but having him home weekends and evenings is pure bliss.)

Big hugs,
I'm in Hawaii right now and not reading much, so not posting much is good!

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