Wednesday, July 21, 2010

These curbside finds have seen better rides — MidWeek Blues —

Click on a picture to get a better glimpse. Click again for extra large.

Added info:

Top left photo was taken in Copenhagen, Denmark (Summer 2010).
The other three are from Paris, France (Spring 2009).

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Crazy Brits will park anything.
Wonderful photos Jim.
They sure have seen better days, but they make a great photo.
Okay that bicycle is pitiful. You couldn't ride that thing worth a darn. Yikes.

The last one looks like it came right out of the grapes of wrath. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
you globe trotter you!!
great photos
Some of those bikes aren't going very far!
You sure you weren't taking photos on trash pickup day? :)

Hope you made it safely home.
i rode a bike in copenhaugen denmark down to the dikes, and spashed around all the leaking water>>>those dikes din't seem to work to me
Surely these are wonderful modes of transportation that will last for years to come! or... you know... not.
Hi there Jim!

I enjoyed reading the origin of these photos as much as the interesting shots. Oh my, they need TLC. I live vicariously from reading others' travel stories for that is something I've not done much of in my life yet. Hope yours and Mrs. Jim's summer has been great.
Love the photos!!!!!! i was just going to look at a post but....
And thanks for the birthday wishes

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