Thursday, August 05, 2010

Home now!

Mrs. Jim has just experienced one of the most enjoyable times of her life. Now she is home.

From July 13 until August 3 she was with our youngest grandchild, KP, for every day. Some of those pictures have already been posted. You can scroll down.

Pictured on the right she and KP have been visiting Buckingham Palace. There are now times of the year it is opened for public tours.

KP is now one year old and is completely enjoyable. KP came to live in London with her Mom, Dad, and BP. Their stay will be at least for two years if thing go according to plan. We will miss all of them.

Mrs. Jim had a six week absence. All but thirteen (13) days were spent in London, U.K. Two days were in Copenhagen, Denmark, and eleven days on the Star Princess cruising in the Baltic Sea. I came home earlier, on July 20.

Relating to homecoming, my current post on my other blog is a little haiku poem about a sad homecoming (link).

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I'm sure you are glad to have Mrs. Jim back home. I'm sure she had a great time with KP. Grandmas are good at having a great time with their grand-babies.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
glad to hear that y'all had a good trip, and ya both made it home safe!

me glad ya back! :)
Welcome Home!
Welcome home, Mrs. Jim. We tried to keep Mr. Jim as busy as possible, but he's been inconsolable.
Your women are beautiful.

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