Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Wine — MidWeek Blues —

Note from the author: Please remember that when I write poems or stories in the first tense it isn't necessarily me talking or even about me. It is ALWAYS the 'POET' whoever that may be writing about himself or herself.

My Wine

Merlot is my comfort
I shall not want
Though I am old and blue
There when I need

My glass is near empty
I shall not want
For sure there is some more
Where that came from

My thoughts once bad dissolve
Night's fright is calm
A friend may come to call
They never write

And if our bottle's dry
We shall not want
For sure there are some more
Where this came from

Photos and Poem Copyright
© 2010 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

- - - - - - - -

.If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did.

Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE or BLUE THOUGHT, you don't have to write.

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Amen and pass me a glass. Loved it.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
My ex likes merlot. I dunno one wine from t'other.
Merlot isn't among my favorite wines, but Amoeba enjoys it. I prefer Cabernet Sauvignon. Your verse is lovely though. I am sure the wine was flattered.
How nice your bottles a labeled in blue even though your Merlot makes you happy, not blue.
LOL, looks like you have lots of bottle in reserve....
This is great Jim! Thanks for the visit and encouragement. Glad these "blues" make you happy!
There's a cheery sight first thing in the morning. Not tempted now - too early (just after 7:00 am) - maybe later:-)
Like your poet, even though it's not about you! Now I'm a cab sav girl myself!
I'll have a glass! And I'll take a bottle of whatever has those pretty blue tops!
Oh lalala I had this last night. Happy Wednesday!
Midweek Blues
I love a good merlot!!

the bottles are very pretty
Hi Jum, nice poem. When I saw this I had to dedicate a post for you on my blog, hope that was ok and I hope you get time to take a look sometime. Rob.
Ok Jim, I'm ready to pop a few corks!
Nice work on the poetry.
I really enjoyed your ode to the liquid grape. I like me some Merlot, too.

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