Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shopping 101 — Six Word Saturday

It's "Texas No Sales Tax Weekend"
(my six words)

Mrs. Jim is shopping today. Most all clothing items under $100 are sales tax (8.25%) free. So are school supply items under $100. I guess a used laptop might sell for that. So would a pencil sharpener for sure. There is no total limit, just per each item. This happens every year just before school starts.

This is a plate Mrs. Jim didn't buy. And it was the only Copenhagen Mermaid we saw. The real item, a tourist attraction waterfront work of art, had been loaned to China while we were there.

Now we go window shopping with Jim. Pictures from our Copenhagen visit.

For just in case I forget what she looks like! Plus this is a fairly recent picture of our youngest granddaughter.
- - - -

My last six words as she pulled out of the driveway:

"If you can't decide, buy it."

Mrs. Jim is a very frugal shopper. If she can't decide usually she doesn't buy it. Then when she gets home she wishes a little that she had bought the whatever. So now she needs some new things.

The last I talked with her she was in Macy's.

I am going out now. Adi needs a new collar. I might buy myself a pair of training shoes and a pair of golfing shorts.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
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Copenhagen looks like a pretty amazing place. Good pictures - thanks for posting them.
I would have bought that plate.
Hi Jim!

Your pics of Copenhagen brought back wonderful memories of my own overland trip throughout Scandinavia (and E Europe!)- I recall I bought a great teak salad bowl & servers in a gorgeous shop on one of the main streets! (Still very much in use here!)

Glad you had a good trip! And yes, I'd have bought that plate too!

Wishing you & yr wife a lovely weekend,

Lola & Nora:)

PS yes, lovely rendition to First Lady!
Love the Copenhagen pictures.
Seriously, tax free. Man I wish they would do that up here, it would save me 13% on what you mentioned. That is a pretty great idea actually.
Copenhagen looks beautiful. I've never been there--maybe one day.

I swung by via Six Word Saturday. I hope Mrs. Jim had fun and got some good bargains!
have fun shopping,
how much do you save?
great six words.
It all sounds like good stuff Jim. I like the pictures and can't believe how the grand children are growing.
That's two very beautiful women you have in your life.

Did you get a tattoo or piercing?
Hey Jim, I like your six words today! I sometimes can't decide about something and then get home and wished I'd bought it that really is good advice. (:>) Especially true if it is in an antique store and you may never find another one like it.

Good pictures...I enjoyed them.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
Hi Jim! Great photos of Copenhagen. I like the brick streets it had im some shots. That would be a great place to people watch for sure!

I hope Mrs. Jim found some bargains. Tax free is great! It's the perfect time to get something you really need.

I can't believe Baby KP has grown enough to wave already!! Seems like she was just born. My how the times get by!

Hope you are having a great weekend!
ah.. Jim, thats a nice shopping spree I guess.. when it comes to tax free ;)

My Six Word Saturday
I can't wait to visit Denmark .. you're pics are great. So ... did Mrs. Jim have a good 'fix' with the tax free shopping?;) And just what do you need 'training' shoes for Mr. Jim?;)
that is a cphenhaugen blue plate i boungt one dated 1921 for my mom which was her birth year and i still have it and yes i have a dozen pictures of that luittle mermaid in my archives>>>yes and i would have bought the plate also ralph
Looks like you are having a great time.... We bought some dress shirts for my husband that were on sale and we got our Tax free discount... I also bought a pair of shoes while they were on sale and no sales tax... awesome....

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