Friday, September 03, 2010

On the go, flying — Six Word Saturday

"You! Cloud! Get back into line!"

Those words were sharply spoken by the cloud drill master to the little cloud that meandered out of formation.

We were flying Delta Airlines from Detroit to Quebec City, Canada when I spotted these clouds. They were all lined up in rows.

I asked our flight attendant if she knew who was in charge of getting these clouds all lined up and then of keeping them in line. She had been pretty rough with me, not even allowing me to read my hardback book on take off. And we had to get the laptops out of the seat back pockets. People all around us were doing those things but we weren't allowed to.

Can you believe this lady-drill-sergeant-like attendant actually smiled when I asked her that. And she didn't even get upset when I told her that I didn't know either.

That shows a problem that I have. When someone is upset with me I cannot just leave things be. I keep on relating as if I am friendly and generally we make peace.

These pictures were taken while we were flying over the Great Lakes. I don't know what lake it would be.

This plane in the picture we flew from Houston to Detroit. It was small but the one from Detroit to Quebec City was even smaller. Both had four seats in the row with an aisle in the middle. The one to Quebec City held only eighty passengers.

Here are our 'drive in' pictures. On the left we are coming in from the airport almost to A440 Freeway. There's a MacDonald's on the left. Middle we have reached Grande Allée which changes into Rue St. Louis when inside the old City. Once into the Old City our B&B street, Rue Sainte Ursule, was the second where we turned to the left.

On the right, still on Grande Allée, you can see regular gasoline was $2.059 Can/liter. In Montreal we found gas for $1.99 Can.

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Love those clouds...and your cute little story about them.
Love the clouds. Your story is whimsically great. I am glad you were able to make your starchy airline hostess smile. She probably had a much better flight then, too.
Hi again Jim!

My 64U:
Do all clouds have silver linings?!

Have a good Six Word Saturday,


”80% of Success is Turning Up!”
Great pictures!
I love how the clouds were all lined up in the first photo.
Happy 6WS!!!
That is so very beautiful Jim. [my 6 words for you!]

Texas Longhorns

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting with me today.
Nine Loonies a gallon? Wow.
My six words:
Wow, what a picture...Love it!
Hi Jim, great pics as usual. I reckon some of these people in charge of things should do a bit of extra relating when things upset them.
wow !!! amazing pic !! and a great line ;)
Another "yes" vote for the cloud story. Nicely played.

We recently flew on one of those little 40-seaters. It's quite a different feeling from the "big" planes.

Thanks for playing 6WS.
Hey Jim, thanks for your comment on my blog. I always enjoy reading your posts, too.

You asked if there is a real place called "Gooseneck"...why yes there is! It's a little community in Georgia--not a town, just a community. I wrote a post about it in the spring. Here is the link at the bottom if you are curious. You may like it, it's about country living :) It's more "Gooseneck Humor". I've lived here in "Gooseneck" for 33 years, and have no idea why it's called that! LOL ‎
That is an amazing photo.
Jim ! thanks for liking my post for 6WS :)

you are free to buy those words and use as you like !
Thanks for letting me play, Jim. Here's my 6WS:

"I guess great minds think alike"

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