Monday, September 13, 2010


When they got to the game the twins knew they were overdressed.

No matter. Their Houston Texans won over the Indiananapolis Colts 34-24.

140 Characters
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Picture from Susan's blog, Stony River

These ladies' picture was in her mother's family picture collection. Most likely they were taken by Susan's mother.
Susan would like for us to take notice of the high heels even though the ladies have made their way out onto the grass

Check over at Susan's blog, Stony River, for more microfiction Monday! They should read quickly because our requirement is 140 characters or less.

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That's very funny, Jim. I bet the left their warpaint in the other coat.
I'll bet they threw their gloves in the air as celebration. This is a cute one, Jim.
Harsh dude!!! :O)
Yep, just a bit overdressed. :) (Gotta love the hat and gloves, eh?)
Cheerleading is nasty business...

Dave Wrote This
hey, at least they got to the after party fashionably.. (:
I have not over dressed for a football game (go Bears) but I have seen many that have.
Good take on this picture Jim, I can just see them jumpong up and down and throwing their gloves in the air.
My mother dressed like this too. Made me smile and yes she would walk on grass with those spike heels. We had her little heels all over the linoleum.

Have a terrific week ahead. Big hug. :)
You should have seen them at the tailgate party! Little pinkies in the air too!

Jim, glad to be here! Being overdressed, they the same time the TV cameras were swung their direction. What a show!
At least their team won.
Can you imagin going to a game dressed like that these days? Very funny. Have a great week.
They look very nice to me!! So fashionable for the time, high heels on the grass and all!! I love old pictures like that!!
Congrats on the Texans win; my Giants won also. Go us!
LOL...I love the reality in this fiction :) Well done :)
Maybe they were in team colours? Cool 140 characters.
I loved this one. Not being American I would never have thought of this angle. Overdessed! Brilliant.

p.s. I’m running a competition this week and holding a blogfest in November. If you get time, pop along and have a look.
Overdressed indeed! Nice one. ;-)

my microfiction
Nice one. great fun :-)
Just a little! nice one :o)
Very funny! It's never nice to be inappropriately dressed . . .
Being a Colts fan...I didn't find this amusing...but it was clever! LOL
Sports fan? Ah, I once was myself. Thanks for visiting my blog.
But if a Texas team was playing, they needed the big hair and panache!

Well done, Jim! And good for anyone who beats the Colts! We almost had a war in our house last night. The family splits. 2 don't care. 1 loves the Cowboys. 1 loves anyone BUT the Cowboys. Heh heh, I was the one smiling this morning...
I imagine the twins were the envy of everyone else at the game that day. More people should follow their fashion trend, right? LOL
Have a good week. Cheers!
Love your take on this one. Well done :)
And, I'm still in shock!
Thought it was going to be whole different story but you have to be English to have gone ooh... she's on the game... Thanks for dropping by to read my 140 Hope your week goes well.
Probably the loveliest duo there. Nice one!
Wonderful! I've done that -- *sigh* and at least in the twins' case, there were two of them to share the morification!
Maybe they mistakenly thought they were going to a church social?

Cute, Jim. Very original, too.
A winning game is a very special occasion so they look just fine to me. I bet it's why their team won.

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